When You’ve Locked Your Keys in Your Car

31st January 2016

We would like to give you some tips on what to do if this unfortunate event happens to you, as is likely because it happens to just about everyone at some point!

Roadside assistance membership

Here’s when the yearly auto-club fees seriously pay off. Allstate, AAA, and other organizations provide roadside service. Purchasing a membership to roadside assistance services like this can relieve some anxiety for less than $100 each year.

Basic warranty period roadside assistance

You may still be able to get away without a roadside assistance membership. Many new cars come with roadside assistance for the basic warranty period.  However, you won’t be able to open your owner’s manual and find out the numbers to call (as it’s in your locked car!) but a dealership should be able to help you get in your car quickly.

Towing Services

The majority of tow truck drivers will give people lock-out service. Call 411 for services in your area, or Google it. A good amount of tow truck drivers excel at getting into locked vehicles and possess the needed tools to perform the service.


Call 911 if you’re concerned about safety. If you are locked out of your car and you are in a dangerous area, call the cops. In many cases, especially with older cars, the cops can help you unlock your car and if they can’t, they will help you by calling a tow truck or locksmith.

Inquire about a temporary key

If it is daytime when car dealers are open, a local dealership, brownsjeepchryslerdodge.com might be able to make you a temporary key that will open your doors (but not start the car). This will allow you to get access to your permanent keys. You would likely need the vehicle identification number (can be seen through the driver’s-side windshield lower edge) and identification to prove that you own the vehicle.

Spare Key

Take a bit of to get a spare key and keep it in a location where you can get to it without hassle.  Good places are in your wallet, in your purse, or even a well-hidden place on your car. You can buy a small magnetic box that is made to hold a car key and it be placed on a car’s underside. One other thing you can do is to leave a spare with a friend, etc. who could come to help you out if the need arises.

“I have lost my keys”

If you have misplaced the keys to your car, things get a little more tough to deal with. You are going to require a locksmith’s services and, as you might think, it’s probably going to be expensive – maybe very expensive. Fourseasonsford.com tells us that that keys for higher-end models can cost several hundred dollars. Although you can’t absolutely avoid this -things do get lost and stolen – having a backup plan may save you a great deal of trouble in the future.  Your best backup might just be a spare key that you have stashed away just in case your keys run away on you.

You will very likely lock your keys in your car at some point, as it happens to almost all drivers on one occasion or another.  Rather, than worrying when it will happen, though, it is best to plan what to do if it does occur. We hope these tips will come in handy if need be!

Article Courtesy of Browns Jeep

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