Your Top Tips to Attracting More Players and Members to Your Community Sports Club

If you have a community sports club and you are trying to look for ways to attract more members, you may have already done your share of activities to promote your club. Activities such as joining community events so you can get noticed, taking out advertisements in your local or community newspapers and so on. The lifeblood of your sports club comes from members – and the addition of new members. 

Although getting new members into your sports club isn’t an easy matter, you can do it with the adequate amount of time and effort. Remember this however; it’s always best to be proactive. You can’t just leave it for the last minute and then suddenly find out that your club has been stagnant for a long time. So what can you do to attract more players and members to your sports club? Here are some top tips.

  • Make sure they can find you

One surefire way you can attract more new members to your sports club is to make sure they can find you. This is a lot easier nowadays, as you can take advantage of social media and a website to make yourself accessible. With your website, you can share news about your sports club and tell visitors about your history and your vision. Additionally, you can use your website to share your matches, stats, information about your players and more. With a website, you can also make it easier for people to discover your sports club when they search for sports clubs in the community online.

  • Remember the value of word-of-mouth

Word-of-mouth also works, and even with social media and the Internet spreading the word about your sports club, word-of-mouth is still highly recommended – and effective. That being said, encourage your existing members to tell other individuals about your sports club, whether it’s parents, colleagues, friends, and family alike.  Word-of-mouth is not only an affordable strategy – your existing members will often be more than happy to talk about the club, and they are your most reliable source of information as well. 

  • Hold a competition or contest

Competitions will always be a popular thing amongst sports enthusiasts, and what better way to attract new members than to hold a competition or contest? This will get the buzz going, and it’s easy to come up with some excellent prizes. For instance, you can offer a year’s free membership to those who win. Don’t forget to talk about the benefits you can offer to members, and make sure to alert everyone in your contact and email list. To make it easier to send out emails, take advantage of dedicated club management software which allows you to message everyone with just a few clicks. Additionally, such software can help you track attendance, view club reports and stats and even manage your finances all in one go. 

Along with organising a contest, why not organise an event? You can hold a barbecue for the community, a field day with games and obstacle courses, and so on – all these things can help you promote your club and may well result in new members in no time.

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