Wired Vs Wireless Home Theatre Systems

Finding a new home theatre system can be a daunting process. There are so many brands and models to choose from, with a huge range of different features to consider. Traditionally, hi-fi enthusiasts have always preferred wired solutions over wireless, but with wireless technology better today than it’s ever been before, more manufacturers are pushing cord-free models. So, which is superior? Read on to find out.

Sound quality

Though it is becoming less of an issue these days, advocates of wired home theatre systems swear that sound reproduction is better when you plug everything in. For a long time, this thinking was absolutely true. However, with the advent of high-quality audio systems, the difference in quality between wireless and wired systems is now much less obvious. Ultimately, your best bet is to pay a visit to a professional home theatre system provider like Todd’s Hi-Fi. This will allow you to hear each system in person and gauge for yourself if one sounds better to your ears than another, allowing you to narrow down your options.


A large part of selecting a wired or wireless home theatre system depends on what it will predominantly be used for. Hardcore film buffs will extoll the virtues of the wired system because it decreases latency between picture and sound, preventing that annoying issue where the image and sound are just slightly out of sync. For music fans, wireless may be the better option. Your speakers can be placed just about anywhere, and once connected to your home Wi-Fi, they can play music from your smartphone or tablet with minimum fuss.


One of the biggest draws of the wireless system is the fact that, other than a power cable, you don’t need to run any additional wiring in order for them to work. This will keep your entertainment areas free of unsightly cabling and clutter, lending your home a more modern look. Having said that, there are many creative ways to hide cabling in your home if you need to — concealing it behind furniture is always an option, or you could have a professional installer run the cabling through your walls, for instance.

These are just a few of the things to think about when choosing a home theatre system. What has your experience with wired and wireless home theatre systems been like? Share your stories in the comments below!

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