Why Apps are Really Useful for Project Managers

20th October 2019

Whether you are a business owner of a large organization, running lots of ongoing projects, or you’re the team leader of an exciting, but small kick-start project, utilizing apps and software can really boost your project management.

Having the right tools to manage your projects can really boost your workflow, keeping everything in the right place and your whole team on the same page. Here are just a few great ways that modern apps and tools for product management can really help you out:


Assigning tasks, having a broad overview of things, and keeping things on track requires a fair deal of planning. Apps can help you to harmonize everything, with features to create checklists, Gantt charts, and in a clear and functional way that can be customized to make sure everybody understands where they are at. Having a clear schedule and a checklist of tasks means that everyone can make sure that no element is forgotten about. Utilizing online features in project management tools will ensure that everybody is on the same page and measuring productivity can be done in real-time. For a list of the best project management tools, check out this blog from The Digital Project Manager.

Document Organization

Having easy access to documents and keeping documents backed up is essential, as the last thing you want is work getting lost. You also need to ensure that everybody is on the same page, literally. Online documents are much more popular, so that the documents are updated as they are edited, with live changes and easy accessibility. With team members all working on different things at the same time, it helps to be able to access all your work from one place and share things with each other instantly.


Using an effective communication app will allow the whole team to stay up-to-date on team discussions, and you can organize topics to keep them relevant. It’s much more effective to have shared communications, being able to go back and have a clear record of conversation. It helps to have the ability to organize conversation threads and find the specific messages you need, instead of searching back through countless shared emails. Better communication means that you can easily be up to date on team progress, as well as have accountability with shared deadlines and agreements.

Productivity Tracking

Whatever your project is, there are going to be deadlines, and you will likely have budgets to adhere to. Keeping track of time and productivity can keep an eye on things to ensure everyone is adhering to team targets and goals. With time tracking tools, you can make sure everyone logs their work and you can easily have discussions about how well certain tasks are going, and if you are being time-effective. Time tracking software can also help to determine costs for clients, as you can better record your time spent working versus how much they are paying you. Ensuring your project is profitable and keeping billing records can be made much easier with these kinds of apps.

Reporting Progress

Having an analysis of how well your team is working, with an overview of the schedule, daily tasks and time-tracking, you can get a much better idea of how well the team is operating and how your project is running. It’s much easier to monitor the project with apps that can analyze all your data, speed and progress for you. 

While some apps and tools are an investment, the prices can vary, and some apps and tools are even free. There are plenty of brilliant apps that were created for better productivity, organization and project management. No matter the project, project management apps could be the best way to meet your goals.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.