What Will Homes be Like in the Future?

9th March 2021

Technology advancements within the last 10 years have made our lives easier with smart devices and real-time tracking. Making the home smarter is the latest trend with smart light bulbs and intelligent remote security systems. What will homes look like in the future?

Smaller but Perfectly Functional Homes

Concept homes on display now will become the norm of tomorrow. Homes will get smaller as minimalism increases in trends and furniture becomes multi-adaptive depending on your needs.

Separate living spaces for your kitchen, dining, and living room will combine into one fluid functional area. There will be plenty of built-in storage spaces that will blend in with the overall minimalist feel.

From the past to the present, homeowners’ tastes in design haven’t changed much. Although taking into consideration the technological revolution there be will be some drastic changes as we hurtle towards the future of home design.

State-of-the-art future designs will be taking over as environmental restrictions will make it harder to procure traditional raw materials like whole wood.


Currently, traditional processes like woodcutting and sanding from real trees are already being replaced by mixed material-based panels. This material is artificially-made, sustainable, and constructed to mimic the warm benefits of authentic wood without dwindling too much of the earth’s resources.

In the near future, panels like these will become the standard as manufacturers improve quality with fewer joints and customer customization.


Concrete will morph into something called high-performance concrete. It will be cost-effective and have little impact on the environment in terms of sourced materials.

This material will be available in any desired colors and moldable into virtually any shape that a homeowner may desire. The durability and insulation will be superior compared to concrete and also require little to no maintenance or painting.

Fully Integrated Home Systems

Improved smart appliances, gadgets, and home security controlled remotly will be more widely used in the home.

A combination of hardware, software, and internet connectivity will turn your house into one big android. AI-driven gadgets will communicate and learn from each other to improve your life at home.

This will give the homeowner seamless management of sectors such as eco-friendly heating systems, lighting, temperature, security, and indoor air quality monitoring.

An AI assistant will be able to determine the temperature inside your house based on the weather outside as well as what kind of music you’d like to hear based on the time of day and your current mood.

Sounds fantastic, right? Well, so did voice-activated lighting a decade ago.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.