What To Do When Your Hotel Is Failing

Trying to manage a failing business or hotel isn’t any fun and can be cause for a lot of unwanted stress and anxiety. What you don’t want to do is turn your attention elsewhere and pretend like there aren’t problems to deal with and all is fine when it’s not.

It’s in your best interest to work on taking back control and finding ways to improve so you can turn your hotel around and find success with your property. Remain confident and have a positive attitude that with the right approach you’ll be able to regain your footing and offer your customers a better experience going forward.

Determine what changes should be made

It’s likely your business is failing because there are problems occurring that aren’t being addressed or repaired. Start by determining what’s going wrong and what changes need to be made when your hotel is failing. If you’re not performing well, it’s probably because there are major issues occurring that aren’t being dealt with. Turn to a solution such as Inpulse.com to help you identify what these changes are so you can then put change management tools in place to ensure you fix what’s broken and reach your goals.

Talk to Your Clients & Respond to Complaints

It’s important to get feedback about why your hotel might be failing when your business is struggling. Talk to your clients and gather their input and insights as to what’s going wrong and where you can be improving. You should also address any complaints you’re aware of both from your paper feedback surveys and online reviews, so your customers know you care and that you’re working on addressing each of the concerns individually. Ignoring these comments puts you at risk for problems snowballing and them turning into even bigger issues down the road.

Study Your Competitors

Sometimes it’s worth taking a look into what your competitors are doing right and well so you too can imitate some of their processes and procedures that are working for them. Take time to study what it is they’re regularly doing to keep customers happy and run a smooth operation. Don’t be afraid to go and stay at different hotels and record down what you observe and what you might do differently at your hotel based on your experience.

Implement Performance Reviews

One reason your hotel may be failing is that your leadership team isn’t very strong or well equipped to do their jobs. It’s also possible you haven’t taken the time to properly train your employees, so there’s a lot of confusion and miscommunication occurring on the floor and behind the scenes. When your hotel is failing, it’s a good idea to re-evaluate your staff and figure out who’s performing well and who needs extra attention and direction or to even be let go. Implement performance reviews and check in with your employees often so you can monitor their work and determine who is a good fit for your team or not.

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