What Is the Best Type of Phone Case Material for Clumsy Owners?

17th October 2019

Did you know that Americans break two smartphone screens every second? That over 50 million phone screens each year.

If you’re one of the unlucky who have broken their phone several times, it may be time to consider buying a more protective case. 

Keep reading to learn about the types of phone cases that are the most protective. 

Silicone Cases 

The perfect combination of style and affordability, silicone cases offer a wide variety of colors and styles. They tend to have a slightly tacky or sticky feel to them. This is because a combination of silicone and petroleum are used to create the case. 

The stickiness makes them tacky, which makes it hard for the phone to slip out of your hand. However, it also makes them more likely to collect dust, dirt, and dander. 

If you want a silicone case, be sure to know how to clean it. 

Plastic Cases 

There are two types of plastic cases that you will find on the market. Some plastic cases are soft and flexible, while others are hard and solid. Because plastic is the most popular material for phone cases, you’re likely to find the exact color and design you want. 

The downside is that plastic isn’t the most protective material. It doesn’t absorb shock the way silicone would. So if you want a plastic case, be sure to look for a cushioning material on the inside of it. 

Metal Cases 

If you’re looking at metal cases, aluminum is going to be the most common material. These cases are highly effective at protecting your phone from drops, tumbles, and scratches. 

Be sure to look for a case that has special grips. Otherwise, you risk the metal slipping through your fingers. You may also find that the layer of metal hinders your signal strength and prevents wireless charging. 

Leather or Faux Leather Cases 

Leather is a natural material that offers a soft and supple wrapping for your phone. These cases work best for the person who likes to carry their wallet and phone in one convenient case. 

While leather is effective at protecting against bumps and scratches, it isn’t as effective at protecting your phone in drops. The good news is that they are easy to grip. This reduces the likelihood that your phone will slip out of your hand. 

Combination Cases 

Some of the most protective cases on the market use a combination of materials. This way, you can have the best of both worlds. 

Custom Envy gives its customers the ability to create a custom design for their cases. Their cases feature a two-piece construction.

The inner liner provides shock protection while the outer layer gives your phone a sleek design. 

Compare Types of Phone Cases

After comparing these several types of phone cases, which one will work best for you? Maybe a leather case is perfect for you to carry all of your cash and cards with your phone. Or perhaps you want the sleek protection of a metal case. 

Whatever case you choose, look for it to have an impact rating. This will give you a hint as to the level of protection your phone will have. 

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