We Need to Talk About a Mobile Gaming Service. It’s Seriously the Best

14th December 2020

The average mobile gamer plays for just 13 minutes a day. In that time they are likely to be interrupted by an advert for every two minutes of gameplay.

It’s frustrating!

This is why we are getting excited about the new gaming service from GameMine that streams a huge library of great games directly to your mobile, all ad-free.

If you love mobile games as much as us then you are probably just as annoyed when your gaming flow is disrupted by unnecessary advertisements. Maybe you are also looking for a new way to access your games on the go?

Check out what GameMime has to offer and get access to thousands of new games direct to your mobile today.

Stream or Download? The Choice is Yours

Is your phone often running out of space? Do you find it difficult to keep all the games you love on your phone to play whenever you want? Well, GameMine’s service eliminates this worry.

All of their games are fully streamable. All you need is an internet connection and you are good to go.

Prefer playing locally? Not a problem. Every game you can stream you can also download. So your games are always available even if you have no connection. You can play them all.

100% Ad Free Gaming Service

In a world full of microtransactions and endless publicity it is refreshing to finally find a fully ad-free gaming service. Sometimes you just want to sit back, relax, and enjoy your game.

Despite this, we are often interrupted by an advert when playing our favorite mobile games. What’s more, they are entirely misleading and unrelated to the game they are advertising. A complete waste of your time.

GameMine is 100% ad-free and every game is the full version. Once you start you only need to focus on winning the game that you are playing, without further disruption. 

A Library of Over 1500 Hits (and Growing!)

What is your favorite genre of game? Puzzle, Action, Adventure? Maybe you’re a poker buff? Or do you love strategy games or maybe racing?

Whatever genre of game you love to play GameMine has something for you. In a library of 1500 plus games there will something that you love and can’t put down. 

Get your blood pumping with a stunt-fueled ride in Night Racer or relax and help the princess save her kingdom in Candy Bubble. Whatever your mood you will find something that fits.

Top Publishers, Great Characters

GameMine sources their games from top publishers like Viacom, Nickelodeon, Capcom and Square Enix, so they have access to the best games.

These games feature some of your most beloved characters, from SpongeBob SquarePants and Garfield to everyone’s favorite dark knight, Batman. 

Help the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in their fight against the evil Shredder or play as Nickelodeon’s teenage superhero Henry Danger and punch monsters into next week.

Other famous characters in their games include Pac-Man, Mega Man, Hey Arnold, Dora the Explorer and the Powerpuff Girls. If you are a fan of cartoons, there is something here for everyone!

Join the 3,000,000 Strong Player Base

So, if you are looking for a great new gaming service that will bring countless hours of fun to your smartphone then this is the service for you. GameMine is one of the fastest-growing mobile streaming services out there with over 3 million other players online now.

Why not join them today?

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