VPN and remote work – how to work safely?

22nd July 2020

The hackers are imposing a great threat to normal internet users. In the past, the hacker’s main target was the big banks, organizations, and rich people. But nowadays, the big banks and organizations have reinforced their security to a great extent which has made it very hard for the hacking community to get into the system. They are now using a mass group of normal people to get access to sophisticated information. The hackers are choosing normal people like us since they know we have a very weak security system.

Due to the globalization, all the business are focusing on remote work. Even if you serve the local customer, you need to stay in touch with them with the help of the internet. This can become a very challenging task as we often forget to reinforce our security. Today, we will learn some amazing techniques, by which we can improve your working environment and reinforce the remote working security with the help of a VPN.

Install the VPN in the router

The best thing is to install the VPN in the router. By installing the VPN in the router, you automatically create a security layer for all the potential devices that might connect to the internet. But this can be a very expensive process as your working environment might have big team members. The big team members will get access to the internet even though they are not required to use a secure connection. So, it is better to divide the internet access point into a few different parts so that the people who are dealing with the sophisticated information get access to the most secured network. Before that, you must create a budget for the VPN service provider.

Encourage personal VPN

If you want to secure a remote working process, you must encourage personal VPN. Let’s say, you have a small office where 10 people work. But you have more than 20 overseas workers. So, the 10 people who are working in your office will exchange files and important information from the overseas worker. So, you must install a VPN for all devices so that no data is compromised. When you are working with the remote working model, you should be extremely careful about the data breach. A small mistake can cost a big amount of money and it might lead to a massive security problem.

Educate the resource

Some of the resources will think connecting the VPN is a hectic process and they will often ignore it. You must educate the resources so that they always stay tuned with the VPN. If you are not sure how to do the things in the perfect order, you can hire an IT expert, who will teach the remote workers about the cybersecurity. A good company holds such a campaign regularly so that no data is breached. It might cost you some money but will ensure a healthy remote working environment and the hackers won’t be able to access the important data.

Find the best VPN

Securing your remote working medium doesn’t mean you will start focusing on the most expensive VPN on the market. The most expensive VPN will add more value but if you do some research, you will find a well-balanced VPN service provider who is offering the same service at a better price. Being a business owner, you must have the ability to manage the cash flow, or else it will be a tough decision to deal with the complicated things.  The best way to find a professional VPN service provider for your business is to use the trial period. By using the trial period, you will know the pros and cons of the VPN. If you feel satisfied with their offered service you can stick to the plan. If not you can search for a better VPN service provider without spending a dime. 

Remember, security is a major issue when you start working with a remote worker. All the data must be secured and no weak spot should be there in the communication medium. Learn more about internet security and VPN usage so that you don’t have to lose data due to cyber-attack.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.