Vegan Diet and Its Edge over Carnivore Style 

25th April 2020

Plant-based diets are nothing new in the world of physical fitness and health. However, just recently, there has been a surge in popularity surrounding the carnivore style of diet – the popular opposite of vegan. To simply put it, a carnivore diet is meat-based while a vegan diet is plant-based. So here, we are going to show you why the latter is better than the former for so many reasons.

Ditch carnivore style for a vegan diet

By looking at the dietary benefits and drawbacks of each approach, you will understand why ditching a diet that is heavily based on high-protein meat and embracing one that is mainly based on vegetables is the best thing you can do for your body’s health. 

1. Protein and carbohydrates

Since they will not be eating vegetables, meat enthusiasts will not have carbohydrates that will fuel their body’s daily performance. But when you are a vegan, you will have all the carbohydrates you will need to get you through the day. Plus, the nutrient that meat boasts to contain the most is protein which can be found in vegetables like beans. Hence, even if vegans maintain a strict vegetable diet, their body will not be deficient of protein. So for this, the vegans still win.

2. Inclusions and Exclusions

Vegans have a strict vegetarian diet as they do not eat any animal products and byproducts such as yogurt and eggs. So they must be very careful in their selection of foods for them to get all the nutrients that their body needs to be healthy. But they can drink coffee and milk from beans. On the other hand, those who choose the carnivore style of diet exclude spices and seasoning in what they eat. Would you imagine yourself just eating meat your entire life, not to mention not so tasty meat because you need to remove seasoning out of the picture? If you choose to be a carnivore, drinking coffee or tea will just be a defiance to your strict diet. So think about it.

3. Cooked or uncooked

There are vegetables that can be eaten uncooked. There are even vegetables that are best eaten uncooked. On the other hand, a lot of studies have shown how eating raw meat is not advisable for health-conscious people. Also, meat enthusiasts who opt for a carnivore diet may not actually eat meat the way carnivores back then eat. Nowadays, we use oil to fry and charcoal to grill our meat. These practices pose high risks on our overall health, which actually defies the very reason why people go for a strict carnivore diet – to be healthy.

So would you rather eat what?

The broader goal of this article is to provide readers a counter to the carnivore style narrative. All the while, this good read is also attempting to inform people on how their dietary choices are actually affecting their lives as a whole, whether they are into a vegan or carnivore diet. In conclusion, the key claim of both approaches in healthy eating is the fact that having more restrictive food options can actually make any human being have a more mindful attitude to food. 

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.