USB connector will be reversible

5th December 2013

As technology expands, more and more inventions are making their way into the marketplace. While mobile devices are getting smaller, their USB connectors must also adapt. As more technology products are introduced into the marketplace, other new products must be introduced to keep tech savvy customers satisfied.

The reversible USB will allow you to plugin from any side.

Many users have experienced a lot of frustration trying to charge their electronics with an upside down cable. This new USB connector addresses that problem. It’s called the Type-C and will be much thinner than the USB’s currently available. The reversible USB will can be plugged in from any side to allow better connectivity and is expected to come out into the marketplace sometime in the middle of next year (2014).

It has quite a few advantages for tech users, as it is reversible, so you will no longer need to have a concern about how the plug-in is arranged. Unfortunately, the new USB connector will not be compatible with existing connectors. The need for a new USB cable to be introduced has been long awaited for, and this new Type-C product should definitely satisfy tech savvy users who are fed up with trying to charge phones and other electronics.

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