Top 10 Ways Your Business can Benefit from Using Drones

29th May 2017

Drones have increasingly become popular in the world today. From once being only available for military use and being quite costly, drones have become cheaper and more viable for commercial use. They can now be used in various fields, including photography and videography, agriculture and oil, or gas industries.

So just how does this apply to you or your business? It’s time to lay down your camera and start thinking big. Today we take you through the top 10 ways your business can benefit from using drones. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be a tech based company to actually invest in a drone. Neither do you have to be in the photography trade; agriculture, survey, security and media are among other industries that benefit greatly from the use of these futuristic machines.

Read on for an in-depth discussion that is sure to help you realize just how drones can help advance your business, helping you gear more profits.

Commercial use

Drones are now becoming affordable and even if your business is a start-up, you can now purchase one and use it to make your everyday work easier.

If you own a consumer company, for instance, you can use these fantastic machines in the delivery of products to remote areas. You might have used trucks before to deliver sensitive products such as medicine, but drones are more environmentally friendly, not forgetting that they get the work done more efficiently.


Drones can generally cover larger areas and access areas that we cannot get to the regular way. Of course, there is the possibility of using other options like helicopters but this may be too expensive and end up crippling your business

For instance, if you are in the agricultural industry, you can now use drones to cover larger areas of land to feed or hydrate your crops. You will be limiting their exposure to diseases as well, meaning a better yield, and more profits.

Personnel safety

Employees are from time to time required to perform tasks which are naturally dangerous. Although they are required to wear protective gear in case anything were to happen, the drones would eliminate the need to put any employee at risk.

They create access to places that would be impossible to reach or really dangerous. This ultimately creates a healthy working environment for your employees, which means they will be more productive.


Every business owner appreciates efficiency. You will achieve this when fewer costs are incurred, zero to no liability and minimal time used to perform a task. Drones offer exactly that. They have become cheaper to purchase or hire in the recent years. When you decide to hire professional drone operators, there is no liability to the business owner if anything were to happen to the drones. Tasks are performed in minimal time.

Let’s take 3D mapping, for example. Such a task would take days or months for large areas, but with a drone this can be done in hours, leaving you with more time to handle other tasks.

Asset management

Companies that own a lot of assets often have a hard time managing them. It also becomes expensive since the business owner would have to hire someone to keep the inventory up to date.

Drones can help you as a business owner to keep tabs on all your assets, no matter how many they are. This can be done in the least time possible and as often as you would like.

When you manage your assets better, your whole business runs smoothly. This is especially if you have placed your assets out in the open, like with owning a car dealership and other related businesses.


Marketing is the lifeline of all businesses. Companies use advertising to strive to increase sales and revenues. Drones have the capability to have ad banners attached to them and flown over large areas where new markets are a possibility. You can also use them to drop off brochures and pamphlets at designated areas of interest.

This is beneficial to the business as it translates to new sales and more revenue as more people are made aware of your products. For instance, drones are particularly loved in the real estate industry. They are so great at improving sales that nowadays, there is a special category called best drones to use for real estate.

Environmental friendly

Nowadays every business owner strives to use machines that don’t impact the environment negatively, and you shouldn’t be left behind.

Drones being battery powered, will not have emissions and loud sounds unlike trucks and other heavy machinery you might be using in your business. Nothing will give you more satisfaction than knowing that you are contributing to keeping the environment safe.

Business growth

With drones, you will eliminate the need to have very many employees to handle tasks like delivery and packaging.

By cutting down on these costs, you are able to channel the money to other areas of your business like expansion or acquiring more assets.


Wondering how to improve security at your business premises? You can now use drones to survey your property and rest assured that the camera will capture every ounce of footage; in every angle possible and distance that normal surveillance cameras can’t reach.

Whether it’s your employees you are worried about, or outsiders, having the drone helps you keep your assets in check and in the case of any incident, you can always review the footage and deal with issues as they arise.

Suitable business location

Did you know that depending on the industry you are in, there are areas unfit for your business premises? You would not know this unless you send your drone up in the air to capture data that will be essential in helping you make that decision.

By getting information on temperature, humidity and pollution levels, you are now in a better position to access the area and see if it will be suitable to set up your business.

Concluding words

We have gone through ten ways your business can benefit from using drones. Whether you own one already or were thinking of acquiring one, you now know just how much it will boost your business.

By helping you make deliveries, manage your assets and even save on costs, drones will allow your business to keep growing and the profits will keep streaming in. After all, isn’t that the overall goal of running a business?

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