Tips for Successful Interviews

20th December 2016

Have you just landed an interview with a new company?  Perhaps you’ve identified your dream job and you’re just one interview away from securing it. Follow these recommendations from the professionals for succeeding at your interview. Keep in mind, that once a company has called you in for an interview, they have already determined that your qualifications are aligned with the objectives for the position. The interview process serves to determine if your demeanor and character is a match for the culture of the company. Second, don’t lose sight of the fact that an interview is a two way street. You will also use this opportunity to determine if this company’s culture and objectives are in line with your career goals.

Spend adequate time researching both the company and the hiring manager. Read through all the pages on the company website to gain a better understanding of their mission, product line and industry. Reach out to your network to identify individuals that either work for the company in question or work within the industry. A company’s reputation in the field can be very telling about the people employed. If you do have a contact at the company, learn as much as possible about the hiring manager and company culture.

Dress for success. Leave the excess bling, piercing and wild prints at home. If you need these things to augment your identity, you might not be a match for some company’s cultures. The most important thing you can wear to a job interview is a genuine smile and quiet self- confidence. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered Groupon coupons and head to Yoox for a new jacket or suit. Aim for a well tailors, conservative fit. You might well have just the piece in your wardrobe and need only spring for a new accessory or scarf to create a very polished look.

Finally, be prepared to ask questions and maintain polite eye contact. If you determine that you indeed want the position, do not be hesitant in asking for it. Follow up with a hand written note thanking the hiring manager for their time. You’ll definitely stand out from the crowd.  Best of luck to you!

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.