Three Great Gadgets that You Shouldn’t Fly Without

21st November 2015

We all love to travel, but very few of us enjoy flying: the cramped cabins, the wailing babies, or the chill of the air. Most of us spend the majority of the journey squashed into our seats, huddling down into our jackets as we try and block the noise out with our favourite inflight playlists.

Despite our best efforts, and a determination to catch a few hours of sleep, our endeavours to make our journeys more enjoyable rarely pay off. That’s because we’re doing it all wrong. Here are three gadgets to revolutionise your next in-flight experience, as recommended by travelling experts Flight Centre

#1: AirBolt

One of the worst parts of flying is that we constantly have to worry about our luggage. Thanks to strict limits on our inflight allowances, lots of our most precious possessions must be stowed away below decks, vulnerable to the rough handling of airport staff, the cold conditions below, and zips that always seem irritatingly keen to unzip themselves. Enter the AirBolt. A specially designed padlock that can only be unlocked via your phone, this brilliant innovation will stop your case from bursting open, and protect it from any enquiring hands that might be tempted to take a peek inside and help themselves to your valuables.  

#2: Headphone Splitter

Another simple yet fabulous innovation is the headphone splitter. When you’re travelling in company, it makes little sense for all of you to download the same films and music onto your phones and devices pre-flight. The headphone splitter recognises this. If you want to watch the same movies or listen to the same songs as your travelling companions, then simply invest in one of these handy headphone ports so that you can all tune in together. Voila! No need to run down all of your batteries, or take up excess memory, when you can all share a screen.   

#3: Luggage Cup Holder

This last great gadget is not strictly essential, but most of us need a strong dose of coffee to prep us for those early morning business trips, so we still think that it’s pretty invaluable. This handy little innovation attaches to the handles of your suitcase, offering a secure holder for your drink. If you find that you’re always short of a hand when it comes to juggling your passport, purse, boarding passes, and everything else, then this is definitely one for you.   

Improve your travelling experience today with these three great gadgets.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.