The New Face of Digital Marketing: Service, Strategy & Wearables

19th July 2015

Less Selling, More Service

VouchaCodes created the survey to help the digital marketing industry to understand the needs and priorities. The importance of providing something of value is increasingly important as social media, and digital marketing trends are saturated with people selling anything and everything. People are so used to getting sold to that they make it a habit just to delete, block or ignore. What will actually sell and market things better to customers of all kinds is to focus on providing something of value.

One valuable thing that can be provided and used as a means of selling something is to provide free advice or information. If a consumer realizes a website, blog or social media site is actually useful to them, they will tend to follow, bookmark or at least return for more information or help. What they do not want is a constant sales pitch- they can get that anywhere. When they trust you to provide useful info or help, they will also be more curious and interested in your product or brand and be much more willing to give it a chance.

Another thing that can be done rather than pushing the sales pitch would be to step up the customer service to a point where clients have no reason to go to someone else and cannot wait to share their “find” (YOU) with their friends. If you gain the loyalty of one customer, they are likely to pass it on and other customers will be more likely to bite if they see someone else having a lot of success with your service.

Strategy Rather Than Over Proliferation

The social media market is nearly saturated with marketing and sales ads, but this does not mean that it is becoming useless or unnecessary; it just means that companies should focus on which ones actually suit them. By using a more strategic approach to digital marketing, companies will be pulling out of certain media sites that do not benefit them. Not all social media sites are worth the time and effort for every business so it is much more practical and efficient to figure out which ones market to the right audiences or which one portrays your brand the best and use just a few or even just one.

Proliferating the internet and all social media sites with your brand may actually end up cheapening the brand and turning people away. This is a time for creative and quality marketing, not quick, easy and mass communication marketing.

Wearable Technology

One of the biggest trends extending the reach of digital marketing is the increase in wearable technology. They are figuring out new ways for the internet, social media and tech to be a part of daily life and routines. The marketing on this forefront is still in the pioneer stages but as newer tech comes out and becomes more popular and available, this will be where a lot of great marketing can be done. With this technology being more accessible and more people tracking where they eat, where they go, daily habits and generally being more surrounded by digital technology. Marketing can use not only the data they transmit, but also the devices themselves to advertise and present their products.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.