The Gamer’s Ultimate Guide to Destiny 2 Season of Opulence

Destiny 2 has a long story behind it — and it doesn’t include the lore behind the game. After the game was exchanged between companies and then neglected by its new parent studio, its player-base revolted. Most stopped playing altogether, although a few dedicated persevered.

And then, the game blossomed into something greater and brighter than The Traveller. The Destiny 2 Season of Opulence brought gamers back into the role of an intergalactic guardian fending off the darkness for all of the chosen races. Yet, not all that glimmers is gold in the new Destiny season.

Acquiring some of the best loot in the game will take work that not everyone is prepared for. And since the season will end, as all seasons do, players will need to be dedicated to the game to get the most out of it. If they’re willing to play the crucible matches and kill enemies in gambit, they will be rewarded.

To learn more about how to make the most out of your return to Destiny 2, keep reading below!

No Guardian Is Ever Alone in an MMO

The first step towards making the most of your time back with The Traveller is to make sure you don’t return alone. Guardians are never meant to fight off the forces of darkness alone, and if you try it, you’re doomed to fail. Before even starting the game back up, make sure you have a team of friends at your side.

Not everyone has friends that will join them on another journey through Destiny, though. Some people never intended to pick the game back up after putting it down, and that’s okay. New communities have emerged on platforms like Discord and Reddit that are dedicated to helping each other make the most of the game.

Start participating in these communities, or simply recruit some of your gamer friends to join you. They won’t need to worry about building a character up from scratch if they’re just getting started with the game. As long as they pick up the annual pass, they’ll have access to a free level boost for their character!

Destiny 2 Season of Opulence Is About Making Each Other Rich

Destiny 2 falls between genres, and it can be difficult to define it. Some people believe that it’s a first-person shooter since performing well in the game means landing shots and aiming well. Yet, on a grander scale, the game is about working with other people to accomplish shared goals — like an MMO.

No matter what genre you think Destiny 2 falls into, one thing is true. You will never be able to get the gear you want if you only play for yourself. Being the greedy player during a raid who runs ahead of the group and tries to get the most kills will only earn death.

The best way to play the Season of Opulence is by working together to complete Callus’s challenges. Only when you act as a team will you get to the end and earn the loot you started playing for.

Get Busy Grinding, and Get Busy Dying

Getting the most out of the Season of Opulence means doing the one thing every gamer either loathes or loves: grinding. Expect to grind crucible matches for some of the best-looking armor in the game, and to endure several gambit matches too. And that doesn’t even include the Menagerie or Tribute Hall quests.

It’s best to save the grinding for last or to play the matches you need to play intermittently. Instead of sitting down for hours at a time going through the same crucible playlist, it’s better to play through some of the new raids first. Then, after the raids are finished, play through a handful of matches.

That way, you will progress through two different aspects of the new content. You’ll progress through the main questline, and you’ll start working towards earning powerful items from the Drifter and other NPCs. 

Don’t Expect That Getting The Best Items Will be Easy

Many of the best items in the Season of Opulence are roll-dependent. Not every item in the game is made exactly the same, and some weapons and armor can be rolled with different attributes. These attributes can affect a weapon’s damage output, or how well a piece of armor suits your class.

To get the best items, you need to get the best rolls. And that means collecting multiple different types of the same item throughout your playthrough. It’s all worth it in the end though, since you can watch your Destiny power level rise.

Exotic Gear Means Exotic Playstyles

One of the best weapons in the game is also the hardest to get: the Anarchy grenade launcher. This launcher requires you to play through the Scourage of the Past raid — one of the hardest in the game. And you won’t just play through it once to get it.

The grenade launcher is a random drop at the end, which means you may not even get it as a reward for completing the raid. You may need to go through it multiple times to finally get your hands on it. Even after earning one of the most powerful weapons in the game, you still have work to do.

Using a grenade launcher isn’t everyone’s usual playstyle, and so it will take time to get acclimated to Anarchy. Yet, it’s worth it in the end as you breeze through all the challenges the Season of Opulence has to offer.

The Number One Lesson of Destiny: Git Gud 

There’s a common phrase throughout several gaming communities: git gud. The Destiny 2 community isn’t any different, and for the most part, it’s the best advice anyone can offer incoming players. There’s no clear-cut way to get the most out of the Destiny 2 Season of Opulence.

All anyone can do is practice the game, develop their skills, and eventually work their way up. The only way to truly experience the game is to get good enough as a player to where none of the content intimidates you. Much of the new content expects players to be familiar with the game by now, anyway.

It wasn’t made for new players — the Season of Opulence is for veteran players who stuck with the game and refined their skills. New players will have their chance when the game moves companies yet again for Shadowfall, the next content package being released for the game.

And to learn how to refine your own skills and work your way up before then, keep reading here. Our website is always updated with gaming tips to help you become a better player.

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