The Deluxe Package – What Serviced Office Spaces Offer that Traditional Offices Don’t

Office spaces are not what they used to be. Traditional offices allowed you an eight-hour workday trading your time for money. You had to drive into the office, stay there all day and try to get some work done, regardless if you were feeling up to it or not. This has been the societal way for decades. Serviced offices in the Philippines are changing the way we see office solutions.

Serviced office solutions are offices that have the best addresses with leading technology as well as the right team and support and with low-risk flexibility. Not only do you have the best in everything, you have help along with month-to-month contracts and only a one-month security deposit!

Continue reading below to find out what serviced offices offer that traditional offices will leave you without.

The Type Of Work That Is Done

One thing that serviced offices offer that traditional offices do not is productivity. Traditional offices focus on where and what time work is accomplished. This type of thinking requires the employee to work a five-day workweek eight hours a day. Not all people can be productive when placed in those confines and serviced offices are seeing the variation. What difference does it make if the report is completed at the office or at your home? It should be the content of the work that is appreciated, not the location in which it was written.

The Lack Of A Traditional Lease

Serviced offices allow you a month-to-month contract rather than multiple year leases. When looking at opening a startup, this is a deal breaker. If you could take the risk out of the startup, wouldn’t you? Why lock yourself into a two or three-year lease where you have to pay regardless if the business thrives? If a significant life event occurs and you can no longer keep the company open, you have options and choices with a serviced office.


Another benefit of a serviced office over a traditional office is the flexibility you are afforded. You will be working in a location that does not need your personal mobile number or address. As a new business, you can market and expand into new territories that you have not established a known presence in yet. Substantial cost savings for small businesses are available that cannot afford a receptionist but want the professional and elegant look of a high-end business centre. Sales and marketing teams can travel and have a spot to work and conduct meetings when in between travelling to prospective customers.

Successful Evolution

The last advantage of a serviced office over a traditional office in what it offers and promotes is successful evolution. The industry of office solutions is rapidly evolving. There are a lot of growing pains that occur in any business, and a serviced office can help lessen those pains by giving out helpful information and assisting them to be successful with leading technology, excellent communications, cost-savings for the business owner, and flexibility for the employees and consumers.

How A Serviced Office Solution Can Assist Your Business

If you have not investigated serviced office solutions, you need to immediately. If you are a small to medium enterprise or a new startup, a serviced office can be a lifesaver. You do not have to worry about hiring additional employees to answer the telephones as you are provided with a dedicated bilingual receptionist whose only job is to take care of your clients; this is the definition of successful evolution.

You also do not have to worry about a multi-year lease, as a month-to-month contract will take its place. Without having to worry about profits and how you will pay for the next two years, you will be more relaxed and score many more clients, which will set you up for many months of income. Finally, The flexibility in the type of work that is done in addition to where and when the work is done will make your employees more productive and happier in the process. Check out serviced office solutions today!

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