Television Addicts No Longer Need To Worry

In case you are a little behind the times, you may be thrilled to know that you can now pretty much watch your favorite television shows from anywhere you want to, even at work (if you dare). There are numerous ways to watch television and movies without spending even a moment of time in your own living room.

However, there are some apps, devices and accounts you may need to have before you can start enjoying your television on the go.

The Devices

You can watch television and movies on more than just BluRay and DVD in portable players made specifically for them. You can watch your favorites (yes, even your favorite teams game) from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Sometimes it’s as easy as going to your favorite shows website and watching the latest episode streaming on the internet. However, sometimes you need to have a subscription service in order to be eligible to watch.

The Accounts

Not all internet TV and movies are free, although you can definitely watch some stuff for free. Your cable or satellite TV provider may have a plan for you that will allow you to watch all the greatest shows from your devices that can be included in your subscription package. If you don’t already have a service provider, you can order DirectTV on Like many television and internet service providers these days, they offer you some great packages, from mainstream TV shows to movies and sports broadcasts.

With your accounts you’ll have access to more preferred network’s websites also where, as a subscriber, you can watch shows you wouldn’t be able to see without a membership. If you prefer to not have cable or satellite you still have options like Amazon Prime, HuluPlus and Netflix. All of these are subscription service plans with monthly fees and have only certain TV shows and movies that become available through them.

The Apps

Hulu also has a regular free membership in which you can watch some select shows and movies with their app on your device. You won’t have as many choices as you would if you paid for a membership though. You may also be able to find some television show episodes on YouTube with a YouTube app downloaded onto your phone.

Not only do all of these technological advances allow you to get more television and movie watching time in, but they also offer great ways to entertain the kids. Even if you don’t have a portable DVD player as a standard addition to your minivan, long rides can be quieter and more enjoyable with a tablet and Netflix.

The downfall of all of these devices is that more and more people are spending time binge watching TV shows since they can get numerous seasons available to them at once. This could be raising the risk of things like obesity and insomnia. Then again, maybe not. Either way, people will continue to enjoy their favorite shows and sports from wherever with the invention of WiFi and all of these great mobile devices.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.