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Photocopier Giant Konica Launches Eco-frien...

Aug 20, 2014

Most organisations have a mission statement, an ethos or a philosophy which acts as a framework within which they conduct their business, but how many actually take those values and extend them beyond their own operations to

Computing and contracting: the current stat...

Aug 15, 2014

As the economy picks up again after a long, difficult time, emerging and expanding businesses are finding themselves in a new environment – one in which IT is more integral to success than ever. These are not

How Technology Drives Workplace Efficiency

Aug 15, 2014

Many employers and employees who are getting close to retirement age will remember the days when offices were equipped with typewriters, Roneo machines for copying documents, and the eternal sortie to the post office to get mail

Current And Future Breakthroughs In Medical...

Aug 15, 2014

Technology in all fields of human endeavor is still developing extremely quickly with advances in medical tech keeping up well with the boom in communications technology. Many science fiction writers have suggested incredible technology that has now

Planning your campaign: Your first steps in...

Aug 15, 2014

The internet plays an important part in almost every type of business today, and any business that wants to succeed needs to dedicate some time and energy to the planning and executing of an effective online marketing

How Technology Changed the Construction Ind...

Aug 15, 2014

Smart phones, GPS systems, home computers, 3D printers; the list of new technology that has made our lives for the most part better and easier just goes on. There are few areas of the modern world that

New technologies in the money transfer indu...

Jul 14, 2014

The money transfer process has evolved significantly beyond paper-based systems since the first wire transactions were made in the early part of the 19th century, when transfers were sent over telegraph lines or wires. Wire transfer has

Internet Speeds Around The World

Jun 29, 2014

The internet speed around the world differs from country to country, most people would think that the United States has the fastest internet speed in the world, but they would be wrong. The fastest internet speed in

Digital Downloading Versus Renting A DVD

Jun 23, 2014

The world is a different place to the one it was 10 years ago, when you’d happily walk down to your local rental chain to pick up your favourite Warner Bros movie on VHS. The internet is

The Best Countries for the Modern Traveller

Jun 19, 2014

Our world is in a constant state of flux; changing, evolving and transforming every day. That’s why when it comes to holidaying, travellers are looking for new and exciting things to see, do and experience. Modern travellers