Tablet Technology, How it Will Move Business Forward

26th February 2014

The business world needs to learn how to react quickly to new technology and situations. Tablets are the latest technology they’ll need to figure out quickly. In the beginning it was desktop computers, laptops got more or less skipped, and now, in the tablet age you have small easily portable, long-life battery powered technology with an easily attachable keyboard that will turn it into a functional computer. The versatility given from a tablet will allow a variety of new options.

Versatile Working Environment

These days it is easy to work in a paperless office. You can quite easily increase the mobility and versatility of your work with the aid of new technology. With a tablet connected to the internet this allows you to do at least basic tasks without even coming into the office. With a little office flexibility certain employees could even work from home without any real problems. You can check information with official business clearance without a problem and going out for a breath of fresh air need not cost productivity.

Working Odd Hours

This allows the average worker to catch up on the overtime, or the time they may have missed by allowing connections outside regularly scheduled hours. Internet connectivity will allow you to catch up on deadlines missed or work not done during regular hours. It will also allow for little things like catching up while off sick or simply too busy. This is particularly useful for anyone who works to the day, or the job, rather than the hour.


There’s a lot to be said for permanent access to the internet. It allows you to keep up with international markets, stay connected to the company regardless of distance. It allows you to research and never go into a meeting without the facts, regardless of the location or time. Everyone having a fully connected piece of technology allows a connected, cohesive environment where everyone knows what everyone else is doing and each employee can be as familiar with the others as they choose. Companies like Com2 are available to consult with you on how best to use tablets to connect the office.


The obvious fact is that if someone walks into a company and sees an office full of people interconnected on tablets, it gives a much more interesting atmosphere than a normal office. The picture of a slick office full of tablet wielding motivated employees who jot down ideas in between TV shows at lunch makes one think of a forward thinking, self-motivated group of fun employees doing a job they care about. There aren’t many more positive images for attracting employees and clients.

Tablets are the tool for the new age, adaptable, portable and sleek. Get the job done without being bogged down with little things like desks, offices and the like. This could be the beginning of the home office, an interconnected network of people who can work together without even leaving their houses.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.