T-Mobile Offer an Unbeatable International Calls Package

22nd May 2014

Have you ever wanted to call home to friends and family, only to find yourself worrying over the possibility of the call running over your minutes limit, leaving you up to your ears in bills and calls costs? Given the choice you can find around the market these days, it is likely that after some extensive market research you can avoid this problem, but there is still plenty of reason to be on the lookout for new and innovative call packages that can save you money.

One package that is particularly appealing when it comes to cutting costs is the new T-Mobile International Calls package. The package allows for unlimited calls from mobiles to landlines in over 70 countries, for just $10!

The package is perfect for those who need to make international calls on a frequent basis and saves you the trouble of roaming charges and dial up codes, both of which can be painfully annoying. As if that wasn’t enough, for an extra $5 T-Mobile will add unlimited mobile to mobile minutes to over 30 countries, not to mention 1,000 minutes per month for calls to Mexico, which is extremely beneficial for those with friends or family nearby and want to stay in contact as much as possible. Whether it be a quick call to check up on the health and well-being of those who matter, or a longer, more intimate conversation, then this package caters to both.

In contrast, those looking for a cheaper option can pick the $7 a month plan, which sees an international calling service discount, which offers discounted calls to more than 200 countries. The low price offer is one for the taking, as it is not often you can find as cheap a deal given the amount of countries included in the call package. For most people looking for a cheaper package, this is the best option due to the fact unlimited calls to over 70 countries is included, in addition to the same discounted calling rates that customer are already entitled to receive that span more than 100 countries.

To earn these great packages then you need to be on the simple plan deal, a package that already allows you data and unlimited texts in over 120 countries. The package is incredibly straightforward and even activates as soon as you touch down in your desired destination and leave the plane. All of those additives come at no extra charge and the cost of a call on the simple plan package is just 20 cents per minute.

With these lucrative packages any call, text or data can be accessed to find the latest news and updates on the web, with the comfort of knowing you won’t be running up extremely high bills that will be a problem come the end of the month. For those who travel, or for those who care about the ones that do, then this package is for you.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.