Spree Wearables SmartCap – Review

23rd April 2015

We live in an age where there are new technological advancements every day, our cell phones used to have only one use, but now they have become our computers, entertainment centers, and even our maps. Wrist watches have advanced from just telling us the time, to performing some of the functions our smartphones do, and also becoming our very own personal trainers. Now, the hats that we wear can also help us keep track of our personal health, which is exactly what the Spree Wearables SmartCap claims to do.

The Spree SmartCap brings a whole new twist to monitoring your health and tracking your daily activities, it is a hat that is designed to measure your heart rate, the amount of calories that you burn, your movements, and your body temperature. Currently, these activities are tracked using activity trackers that you have to strap to your body, and smartwatches, so the SmartCap brings a whole new element to the table.

For people who aren’t fond of strapping something to themselves to track their health and daily movement, the SmartCap offers a unique alternative. It is a very comfortable cap with Velcro attachments at the back, which makes it a one size fits all cap, so you don’t have to worry about it fitting your head. The cap itself is made of a lightweight material, with an Ultraviolet Protector Rating of 30. It comes with a wireless Spree Performance Optimization Device, which is what is used to store and measure all your data.

The Spree Pod fits into the front of the hat, and it is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about damaging it with your sweat. The purpose of the POD is to send biometric data using Bluetooth, to the iOS apps that allow you to your heart rate, and other similar activities. The POD is fully charged in less than four hours, once charged, you have to pair it with the app that you want to measure your biometrics directly, once you do that, it is ready to be used, and you can adjust your settings and customize it as much as you want.

Using the Spree SmartCap was pretty convenient, the only problem I had with it was that sometimes when doing vigorous activities, the cap needs to be readjusted, because it shifts out of place sometimes and gives inconsistent heart rate readings. Other than that, using it was a very enjoyable experience. Spree makes the SmartCap available in four different colors, if you are someone who enjoys having a variety of options.

The Spree SmartCap is great alternative to a lot of the health monitoring devices available today, and it is also reasonably priced, making it something you should consider getting for yourself.

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