Rugby Apps Every Fan Should Own

30th May 2015

Whether it is being able to get your hands on Rugby world cup tickets or for something else, there is no doubt that having the right Rugby applications on your cell phone is becoming extremely important. However choosing the right application from a host of options that are available is becoming extremely difficult. However based on some important and time tested parameters here are the lists of a few important applications that all rugby fans should be having with them.

Official Rugby Football Union App

This is a very useful application which goes a long way in getting the latest information and breaking news on what is happening in the rugby field each and every moment. It allows the user to follow closely all the games that are happening at different places at different points of time. There also is a text commentary which gives almost live account of what is happening on the ground. It also gives details about grassroot matches which usually are not covered by many applications. It is a very easy to navigate application and does not put too much pressure on batteries. The risk of phone getting switched off when watching some close results can be avoided.

IRB Laws Of Rugby

If you are a referee or if you fascination for learning more about the latest rules and regulations pertaining to the Rugby Game then it makes lot of sense to go in for this website. The full gamut of IRB rules and regulations are very lucidly shown here and even the latest of changes get fully incorporated and updated on this site. It also has the best of examples and animations and even if you are not a rugby umpire or player, you will certainly know more than the pundits.

Flick Kick Rugby Kickoff

If you wish to go back down memory lane and look at some of the great legends at play, then it certainly makes lot of sense to go in for this app. Though it basically deals with Rugby matches of the olden and golden days, there are new features that are being added to it on a regular basis. If you are travelling long distances and would like to pass your time then it makes sense to have this application. It also talks about some great technical details like curve of a shot, angle of shot and so on.

Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge

This is a must have app for those who are keen on watching all those exciting and nerve racking matches which could even cause hypertensions to soar. It has one of the biggest collections of various international competitions and matches. It is technically very advanced and the graphics are near life-like and the camera angles are simply superb to say the least. It certainly is a must for all those who wish to have some high paced and fast action.

Though there could be dozens of such applications the above have been selected because it looks at the game of Rugby from different angles alone and not just from the point of view of watching matches alone.

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