Road Trip In Ireland – Hidden Gems

22nd March 2017

Over the years, Ireland has become one of the top tourist destinations in the world thanks to the serenity of the open plains and the historic castles and ruins that are still standing.

If you are planning a trip to Ireland, these are some of the hidden gems you should try to see while you are there.

5. Coole Park

If you are into nature walks, this is a must visit. The park, which is located in Galway, used to be the former home of Lady Gregory, and is also believed to be a source of inspiration to WB Yeates. This is a great place to walk around or have a family picnic, and while you are there, you should check out the famous autograph tree.

4. Leenane-Delphi-Louisburgh Drive, County Mayo

If you are in the mood for a drive, the road that leads from Leenane through Delphi to Louisburgh is probably the most beautiful in the country. The view of the Sheeffry hills and the Connemara Mountains is breathtaking, especially when the sun is out. You might also run into some sheep or other farm animals on the road as you drive through the heart of rural Ireland.

3. Timoney Stones

As previously mentioned, one of the best parts of being in Ireland is the opportunity to see ancient ruins and buildings, and the Timoney Stones do not disappoint. There are 200 or more stones that are spread randomly in the pastures of north Tipperary that vary in height and have no identifying patterns or reason for being there, adding to the mystic of the region. However, since the stones are on private land, you will need the permission of the farmer that owns the land before you can go check them out.

2. Caves of Kesh

One of the things Ireland is known for are its caves, but none are as impressive as the Caves of Kesh, of which there are 16. The caves vary in size and can be found along a white ridge at the side of the mountain. Despite the climb being steep, it is well worth it even if it is just for the view of the countryside from the top of the mountain.

1. Rock of Dunamase

This is a ruined fortress that dates back to the 9th century and sits on a rocky outcrop. According to historians, it was where Diarmuid MacMurrough, who was King of Leinster at the time, brought the kidnapped wife of his rival, the King of Breifne. The kidnapping allegedly led to the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland. While the fortress no longer stands, the ruins are still impressive. The location has also been featured in Hollywood movies and television.

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