Resolve Trust Issues between Your Teen and You By Using WhatsApp Monitoring

18th August 2022

Kids want to stay private with everything they do online and they don’t want anyone to invade their privacy. This is the reason why parents always stay worried about their online safety because they don’t know anything about what their lovely doves are doing. But as the cases of cybercrimes are increasing day by day, parents must stay vigilant and note every activity of their kids.

Whenever your kid is talking to someone on WhatsApp, you can see all their conversation live. Plus, you can save this conversation for investigation purposes as well. You can see the sender, his contact number and all the other details as well. But how can we achieve all of it? Through an amazing spy app that monitors your kid online.

Now the question is, why do we need to do so? Don’t we trust our kids? As we are the ones who raised them so why create doubt in the relationship? No doubt we trust our kids with all our heart but besides that, we want no danger for them. For us, they are even tenderer than flowers. So how can we let that flower decay? Of course, want it to grow always and we wish no doom for it.

The cybercrime ratio has increased manifolds in the pandemic and every other kid and parent is suffering from it. Kids spent a lot of time on the screen and find themselves exploring age-inappropriate stuff that can be harmful to their mental health. 

  • 20.2% of students say they have gone through cyberbullying in the past during their high school time and it affected their mental health badly. 
  • The most common type of harassment is passing mean comments in message conversations or audio and video messages and it accounts for 22.5% among teens.

According to the circumstances described above, there must be a proper digital app that gives you updates about all the things happening on this social app. So that you will be able to take steps immediately if needed. The TheOnespy WhatsApp call recording and spy app is the most reliable and trustworthy app for parents to use and get notified about their kids. Let’s dive straight into the detail of this spy app and see how it is helping parents out there.

Track All the WhatsApp Messages of Your Kid

Track all the online messages of your kid on this social platform with the help of this amazing online app. see if they are talking to the wrong person and stop them immediately. Check if they are talking to some harasser and file a complaint against him as soon as possible. All of these things can be achieved by this mind-blowing app.

See All the Shared Multimedia

Sexting is so common these days. To save your kids from sending their nudes to anyone you can monitor them through the best WhatsApp spy app and keep strict eyes over all their moves.

Protect Your Teens from Dangerous Online Activities

Your teens might get involved in dangerous gaming websites. The purpose of these websites is to harass the kids and get money from them. Through TheOneSpy parental control app, you can protect your kid from such harassers and save them from the frauds happening online.

Listen to the Sneaky Voice Calls

Strangers may continuously call your kid and blackmail them in return for that. Don’t ever let them fall prey to such people who not only take advantage of their innocence but go to every possible step to destroy their reputation. Listen to all the calls and record them if needed with WhatsApp call recording. If there is anything vulgar or harassing, do report them to investigation agencies.

Backup All the Deleted Photos

All the deleted and view once photos can be recovered with this super fantastic app. So, if anyone is sending your kid disturbing and disappearing messages, then you can back up all the multimedia again. This way you will get proof and can fight against the culprit.

So, if you are having trust issues between you and your kid, the TheOnespy WhatsApp spy app is the best choice ever.

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