Recycling Electronics: Why Should You Not Dump Your E-Waste?

18th November 2019

Modern-day business is impossible to work efficiently, in the absence of electronic gadgets and equipment. From ERP management to production and serving beverages to the employees, these electronic gadgets are everywhere. In fact, there are gadgets to simplify each and every task in a business.

Like any other piece of equipment, these electronic gadgets also have a life-span. Once a gadget turns dead it has no use. The companies usually dump these junk gadgets away.

But, with the growing awareness regarding the deteriorating environmental conditions, dumping this electronic waste into landfills is banned in many countries. This is the reason a more sophisticated method to dispose of electronic waste is the need of the hour.

The concept of recycling any product is not at all new. In fact, environmentalists and other agencies that abrogate dumping wastes in open areas leading to pollution have been supporting recycling for decades, now.

The only reason it didn’t gain much popularity is the lack of affordable technology. But with the growth of pollution at alarming rates, it has become almost mandatory to recycle products, especially electronics.

Let us understand why should you not be dumping your electronic waste and rather be recycling it.

It Helps Secure Your Data

One of the major threats to your company or business, when you dump your electronic waste, is the mishandling of your sensitive data. Even though your gadgets have stopped working the memory devices in them still have all the sensitive information. And if wrong people get their hands on it, your business may risk an early doom.

Reputable recycling companies make sure that all of your data is wiped before destroying the equipment. For example, can provide you with a Certificate of Destruction after they wipe out all the crucial data on your computer’s hard drive. Moreover, with a reputable recycling partner, you can even track all of the parts extracted or refurbished out of your gadget. Isn’t it great?

Prevents Spread Of Hazardous Toxins

Electronic gadgets contain many rare elements and metals. In fact, some of these elements are even unstable in an open atmosphere. When these gadgets are disposed of on the open grounds, it leads to the breakdown of complex parts. The toxic elements are then exposed to the environment which can lead to hazardous situations.

Choosing to recycle these gadgets can prevent the spread of hazardous toxins into the environment. For example, lead and sulfur are the two most common toxic chemicals found in electronics. If exposed in the open, they form highly potent acids. And it is needless to say how dangerous these acids can be.

Recovery Of Precious Metals

Did you know, a ton of cell phones contain about 350 grams of Gold? Well, it might not seem too significant, but if all this goes into incinerators or landfills, would that be any better? Isn’t it better to recover these precious metals rather than dumping them off in the junk!

If you choose to recycle your electronic gadgets you can actually help recover these precious metals. And this would in turn help reduce the needed extraction of these metals from the earth’s crust. Thus, preventing pollution due to mining.

Be it because of the care for the environment or any other reason, recycling your electronic gadgets and equipment should not be neglected.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.