Protecting Customer Data – What To Do

27th March 2018

Many businesses are embracing technology as they seek solutions to the bottlenecks in their systems and to streamline their operations. Technology can also give your customers a better experience. One of these technologies is e-commerce which enables customers to buy products online and have it delivered to their doorstep or at a designated pickup point.

Like any other technology, there are the ever-present online threats which pose a challenge to the integrity of the e-commerce platforms. It is a business’ worst nightmare to find your customer data in the hands of a third-party individual who are hell-bent on destroying your reputation and by extension, your business, and making a profit out of it. It is therefore important to secure your business systems against unauthorized access and other online threats.

Install security software

Customer data protection comes from doing your due diligence. It can be a simple thing like having updated security software installed on your computers. Security software can detect and stop viruses, malware, and spyware that could otherwise steal, corrupt or destroy your customer data.

Having a security software on all your work computers and enlightening your employees on the dangers of disabling them is important in keeping your customer data from getting stolen by malicious software.

Two-step authentication

Configure your systems in a manner such that customers are required to set long unique and strong passwords whenever they are creating online accounts on your platforms. While creating their accounts, there should be security questions for them to answer and which will come in handy should they forget their passwords. It will protect their accounts from getting easily hacked.

You can go a step further and have a two-factor authentication mechanism which sends a code to the customer’s phone number in the form of a text message.

Know your threats

Keep up with the latest information cybersecurity and related crimes across the world. You can get this information easily on news media International brief. Knowing what hackers are up to these days and the existing cybersecurity threats will help you know what measures to take in order to secure your customer’s data.

Secure payment platforms

One of the most important measures you can ever take towards protection of customer data is provided secure online payment platforms. If your business requires customers to make their payments online, then it is your duty to protect their credit and debit card information from hackers.

Encrypt your systems in such a manner that not even employees can acquire personal identification from a customer’s online payment details. If they must do, have controlled access to this information so that should there be any breach of a customer’s privacy, then it can easily be tracked down to a certain individual.

Physical security

All that work will be useless if you don’t provide adequate security to the offices where these data are kept. Protecting company computers and servers from burglary is one of the simple ways to ensure customer privacy. Hackers may acquire the physical asset and extract data from the hard disk or gain access to these computers.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.