Practical Car Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

4th June 2019

Car accessories actually make your life better. They provide optimal experience and comfort while cruising different trails. You may experience mud splatters, flat tires, and the despicable oven-like interior after parking it out in the sun for a while, and that’s why there are car accessories available, from as common as seat covers—to make crumbs and drink spillage easier to clean—to revolutionary pockets for almost everything and anything.

These revolutionary car accessories make trips easier and more organized. It keeps items in their place, prevents damages, and prepare you for the worst. With various car accessories out there, here are the must-haves to make your driving experience more smooth and comfortable:

  • Blind Spot Mirrors. These are the small round fish-eye mirrors placed on the side mirrors, and as the name suggests, it lets you see the common blind spots while driving. Why would you need this? It actually gives you a wider angle compared to the usual side mirror. Through these small curved mirrors, you will be able to see the other side easily even when you’re seated on the driver’s seat. Ideally, they’re placed on the outer corner of the side mirror to reflect more image to the driver.  
  • Car Charger. For those long trips, you need to have one of these—they will charge your devices as you drive. While most cars have these built-in in newer models, if your car doesn’t have it, you should consider getting it. This will ensure your phone always has enough battery for emergency calls and the like. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead phone and car!
  • Fender Flares. Some people believe they’re just aesthetics since they’re fully customizable, but they sure do have their own purpose! These will keep mud and dirt off the windows and the sides of the car to make sure these don’t scratch your automobile. Since it’s conveniently fitted for the tires and contoured to match the body lines of the vehicle, it doesn’t affect the overall look of the car. As for off-road cars, like the Toyota Tundra, fender flares are a must—these big vehicles are almost always off-road, garnering mud and dust from tough terrains.
  • Roof Mount. Always on the move? It’s easier to travel from place to place if there’s a permanent cargo box on the roof of your vehicle. This will ensure that there will be more place inside the vehicle without you worrying about the equipment you’ve secured on the roof of your car. Most models are made for heavy rains and tough weather conditions, so rest assured your cargo box won’t give out during the travel.
  • Waterproof Seat Cover for Pets. This is ideal if you have muddy pets after long wilderness walks, especially locations near water—there will be muddy pawprints on your seats! Through this awesome seat cover, you won’t be too stressed out to get fur buddy in the car. It’s built in a way they can lie down comfortably during travel. It will also protect the seats from pet fur and other pet accidents as well.
  • Dash Camera. A dash camera is vital in your everyday drive. It will record anything on the road as you drive, including accidents that could help the police, if ever. This is a nifty gadget that will help ensure safety on the road and make sure you won’t miss anything. Most dash cameras are installed on rearview mirrors with a touchscreen interface for convenience. Some cameras, like the YI Mirror, lets you know if you exceeded two hours of driving and will remind you to rest.
  • Steering Wheel Cover. Some people sweat. A lot. And if the car is shared, it’s high time to get a steering wheel cover. It will protect the steering wheel from dirty fingers and sweat that might discolor the wheel. It’s easy to wipe and disinfect after driving, and it won’t affect the color of the wheel. From classic leather to quirky designs, it adds a bit more personality to the car’s interior!
  • Car Vacuum Cleaner. A car vacuum cleaner is a savior to parents and fur parents all over the world. Kids’ treats and snacks getting in between seats and under will garner ants and even cockroaches if you’re not careful, so trust a small car vacuum cleaner to keep yourself sane and keep the car interior clean and safe. It can be plugged in through the car lighter slot, so long travels don’t have to be messy!

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.