New Electronic Safety Features in the 2019 Jeep Cherokee

2nd May 2019

The Jeep Cherokee has been around a long time so a lot of people don’t exactly associate the brand with new technology. This would be a mistake with the new 2019 Cherokee says Detroit’s Village Jeep because it is briming with all kinds of new safety tech. He’s just a sampling.


Operating for both open parallel and perpendicular spots, Jeep’s ParkAssist is a wonderful system.  With the push of a button, the Park Assist guidance system automatically steers the vehicle while it directs you to shift gears and operate the brake and accelerator.


Jeep’s ParkView system is Jeep’s latest iteration of it’s rear backup camera displays. Designed with a wide field of view, it shows the driver exactly where they are in relation to vehicles and pedestrians. The sharp, clear gridlines lend extra help in navigating.

Sirius XM Guardian

The Sirius XM Guardian system lets you customize automotive security features like never before. With Sirius XM Guardian, you can go beyond the standard panic button on your key fob to set and customize your own alarms. The Sirius XM Guardian system also delivers roadside assistance 24/7.

Forward Collision Warning

Jeep’s Forward Collision Warning system utilizes a network of electronic sensors to alert you, or even brake, as necessary to help you avoid collisions.

LaneSense Lane Departure Warning

The LaneSense Lane Departure Warning alerts you if you are  veering out of your lane. It can even be engaged to provide course correction if so desired.  

Seat Adjustment Memory

The Jeep Cherokee comes with driver memory features that not only allow you to set your seat to your preferred height and legroom, you can also set your mirrors and favorite radio station. You’ll never have to fiddle distractedly with buttons, levers, and knobs again.

Infotainment hub

The Jeep media hub lets you integrate your voice and commands with Apple’s Siri system so set up your preferred apps, and plug in almost any device via a USB port. The Jeep Infotainment hub offer up a plethora of media choices that make your car trip more convenient and safe.

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