Keep Customers On Your Site For Longer: How To Lower Your Exit Rate

11th December 2016

Cloud IQ are the conversion optimisation specialists.

When you own an e-commerce site, you want customers to stay on that site long enough to convert – whether it’s an email sign up or even better, a purchase. Generally, the longer they stay, the more likely they are to engage with your site and complete a valuable conversion.. This article provides some effective advice on how to use technology to stop customers from leaving your site too soon and help encourage progression through the purchase journey.

What is the ‘exit rate’?

‘Exit rate’ is the term that is used to describe the number of customers who leave your site on a particular page. It follows, then, that every page on your site will have its own exit rate. Of course, it’s perfectly fine for certain pages to have a high exit rate. For example, if your checkout page has a high exit rate, that is totally natural: it is logical for customers to leave your site once they have made a purchase. However, it is important to lower your exit rate for other key pages on your site. If customers are leaving whilst they are browsing or in the journey and before they have purchased anything, this will reduce your conversion rates and damage your profits.

Finding out your exit rate

The crucial thing to do, if you want to lower your exit rate, is to find out which pages have the highest exit rates. As cloud.IQ CEO James Critchley suggests, ‘a machine learning based’ platform works best when it comes to optimising the customer journey to increase conversions. It is also extremely efficient when it comes to identifying and tracking where your conversion gaps are and the exit rates that are occurring within the purchase funnel. Using automated conversion rate optimisation software to analyse your exit rates will help you to understand which pages on your site are the weakest link.  Of course, you can also use analytics platforms such as Google Analytics to identify your exit rates.

How to reduce the exit rate of a given page

Once you have identified which pages need extra work, there are several things that you can do to reduce their exit rates. The first thing to do is to check how quick the page is to load, both on the desktop and on mobile devices. Over 60% of web users stated that if a page takes more than 10 seconds to load, they will click away from it. Improving your page load performance will thus dramatically reduce exit rates. Next, look at the layout of the page. Is it attractive? Does it grab and hold the attention or does more work need to be done to ensure that it makes visitors want to stay on your site. You can also look at whether the content of the is engaging, concise and informative.

While all of these are worthwhile elements to assess, we recommend using conversion rate optimisation technology, to really improve your exit rates and boost site conversion.

Dynamic overlay technology is used by many leading brands to reduce site abandonment at each key stage of the purchase journey. It’s extremely efficient as it doesn’t require any website changes and is based on real-time analytics to serve conversion campaigns autonomously.

A smart platform, like cloud.IQ, recognises exactly when a user shows intent to leave and, depending where they are in the purchase journey, an overlay is triggered with a personalised message and dynamic content to entice them to stay. For example, if a customer is browsing a product page – an overlay containing an offer or incentive such as a discount or free delivery, appears. If they have placed items in their basket and go to exit, offer to send them a basket reminder, so they can easily come back to the site and complete their purchase.

Deployed in the right way – as a seamless part of the brand and website experience and ensuring they don’t annoy or inhibit the user journey – they offer value to the customer and help to reduce exit rates and boost conversions.

Automated site analysis platforms are invaluable for understanding and reducing your exit rates. So, why not install some of this software on your site right now so that you know which pages you need to target?

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.