Interesting Career Options for Lovers of Technology

17th November 2016

If you love all things tech-related then there’s a good chance you are looking ahead to a career in the technology industry. For those who have just earned their marketing degree online through a prestigious school such as Arizona State University and are now looking to join the work force, why not combine your love of tech with your knowledge of marketing.

The technology field is one that is ever-changing and always growing, which means there are plenty of interesting career opportunities.

Web Developer

Yes this job is shrouded in high-tech knowledge and lingo, but there is also a very creative side to it which marketing majors tend to have. This is a great opportunity for you to marry your strengths and create some standout results. To put it in simple terms a web developer is given a design by a UX designer in most cases, and then it’s up to them to make that design into the webpage or even an app. This is a growing field that is showing plenty of future promise.

Graphic Designer

This career is one that people tend to be much more familiar with, as it has been a growing field for quite some time now. This is an excellent example of a field that combines marketing knowledge with tech knowledge and skills. In this field, you will be working on putting together marketing plans and material using visuals. You’ll create such things as email campaigns, brochures, websites, apps, and more. What’s especially attractive about this career is that you usually have a few clients at once, which keeps things exciting and interesting.

Game Designer or Developer

For many people this is a dream job, I mean if you love video games what better career path than to design games! Today games are very much in demand whether it’s for gaming consoles, the computer, or mobile devices in the form of apps. This field is blowing up at an incredible rate so this is your opportunity to get in on it. This job requires creativity, computer skills, and marketing skills so you can get the product out to the right audience and deliver what it is they are looking for.

If you are looking at developing apps in particular, then they may not even be games. There are educational apps, apps for businesses, etc. In order to be an app developer, you will need those same core skills as a game developer.

Mobile Marketing Manager

Here’s an up-and-coming job that you can start to work towards. A mobile marketing manager is a bit of a mouthful to say but the description is rather simple. This is a position wherein it is your job to examine the habits of consumers at all times and where they are. The information can then be used to create more targeted marketing campaigns that use social media.

There’s No Need to Make Sacrifices

What’s so great about earning your online bachelor of science in marketing is that it can open so many doors and bring together a variety of fields.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.