Which industries make use of CAD programmes?

21st February 2014

CAD, or computer aided design, can be used in a wide variety of industries and settings. The design process still often starts with a pen on paper concept, whether it’s the first flash of inspiration in a fashion designer’s mind or an architect’s initial outlines. When it comes to transferring them into real-life products, the accuracy and versatility of a CAD suite can be invaluable.

2D CAD programmes can be useful for creating floor plans, blueprints, schematics and general design ideas, while 3D CAD programmes can be used to create perfect 3D models. These can be rotated, viewed from different angles and even ‘flown through’ for an interior view.

Here are some of the practical applications for CAD:

Vehicle design

Most transport designers are looking to combine style with maximum efficiency, although the balance can vary. Commercial car developers, for example, might need to freshen up the look of a vehicle sporadically while motor sport developers will be far more concerned with efficiency. Both involve extremely complex machines, and safety issues are crucial. CAD allows designers to model, tweak and re-examine every aspect of their designs to ensure they meet the necessary specifications.


CAD can be used to quickly and easily create renderings and detailed fabrication drawings for a wide range of structural and layout designs in the building industry. These can include architectural drawings, electrical cable layouts and piping systems. Design alternatives can be quickly rendered in 3D, both as part of the pitching or discussion stage with clients or during the design process.


Hi-tech gadgets and other electronic devices are increasingly complex and often smaller, requiring a tool that allows you to design with close precision. SolidWorks, one of the most widely used 3D CAD programmes, also has a number of integrated capabilities including PCB packaging, housing design and thermal analysis, which can extremely useful to electronic product designers and manufacturers.


To maximise their potential and obtain the highest possible grade, students rely on gaining access to state-of-the-art technology, whether they are studying architecture or fashion design. With their vast selection of useful features, 3D CAD programmes can be invaluable in this respect. SolidWorks is available in two versions for education: SolidWorks Student Access and SolidWorks University Research.

To make the best use of SolidWorks, you’ll need resellers who are experts in the field and able to provide the best support. NT CadCam has offices and SolidWorks training centres throughout the UK, so whether you are looking for Solidworks in Scotland, Wales or England you can enjoy the assurance of local support and training.

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