Implementing SEO Strategies with XOVI SEO Tool

14th October 2015

In the past, we discussed a list of essential SEO elements necessary to build a website. From performance to authority and content strategy, there are a number of ways to optimize a website to raise its presence in search engines and increase incoming traffic.

Today, we review how XOVI can best help agencies and webmasters implement these SEO strategies.

What is XOVI?

XOVI is a German leading SEO-tool that recently opened up to the international SEO market. Now catering to English and Spanish-speaking users, it has amplified its database and services to fit international online marketing agencies’ needs.

Providing a strong alternative to SEMrush, it has over 11 tools in its interface, which should cover all SEO research and analytics needs. Additionally, unlike its competitors, it lacks artificial restrictions, which means that projects are unlimited and not a set at a maximum amount.

Using the Link Tool

XOVI’s Link Tool is one of its best and most useful features. With a database of over 600,000,000 backlinks, it’s an extremely powerful tool for backlink analysis and disavows.

The link tool is the perfect starting point to gain an overview of a website’s standing. It provides numerous and detailed options to analyze link structure, including visual charts and graphs. Links are viewable by domain, anchor text, anchor URL, host names and even country.


Research with Keyword Tool

Keywords are one of the most important aspects to an SEO strategy, and XOVI’s Suite fulfills this role better than its competitors by monitoring keywords from 196 countries. XOVI analyses all keywords for an analyzed website and provides an overview of its findings, as well as tracking how they develop.  The detailed analyses can also track competitor’s keywords for easy comparison.

On-Page Analysis

The On-Page tool offers a method to analyze the technical implantation of on-site SEO. This is a fundamental part of gaining data to improve rankings and maximize the potential for added traffic. The tool reviews the quality of content and internal link structure and provides specific recommendations to optimize the domain, including improving meta tags, images, anchor texts and linking issues such as 404 links.


Easy Reporting

Data in the XOVI interface is clear-cut and easy to understand. Organized charts and graphs allow for visualization, and components can be clicked to view more details. The reporting tool (white label) makes attractive, easy-to-read, downloadable reports with a few clicks of a button. Data can be selected from all results obtained in the other tools and the templates can be customized.

Other Tools

With 11 tools that break down into smaller components, XOVI’s all-in-one marketing tool is extensive. Beyond the tools mentioned above, they also have additional monitoring components, a disavow tool, tools to track social media signals and even an affiliate tool that can examine competitor’s affiliate partnerships.

All in all, XOVI offers a powerful online marketing tool. It can greatly improve both the offsite and onsite SEO of any website with its numerous tools, and provides more detailed features in its interface than its competitors.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.