Impact of COVID-19 on the Digital Marketing World

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

According to the Worldo Meters, the novel coronavirus has affected more than 44 million people and is still counting throughout the globe. Now, this may have left a huge impact on the businesses but proved productive for the digital marketing industry. 


Well, during the lockdown due to pandemic, offline businesses and stores suffered the maximum loss. Now, even when the world is getting back on the track, the offline stores are finding it extremely difficult to be in the limelight. Resulting, more and more ventures are looking forward to digital marketing agencies bringing them on the top search results and connecting them to the target audience effectively. 

The Strong Bond – Coronavirus and Digital Marketing

In the past few months, the scope and impact of digital marketing have emerged as the one-stop-solution to many businesses who have been halted by the pandemic adversely. Where some businesses closed, others are still striving to make the most out of digital marketing and give their business a kick-start over again. 

Here is how digital marketing helped businesses sail through and remain associated with their target market even in tough times. 

  1. Online reputation – This has been one of the biggest challenges for businesses to maintain their online presence while dragging the attention of their target market from corona updates to their business. Here, digital marketing proved of great importance and help. Businesses hired digital marketers, ran ad campaigns and much more to look active even when the world stopped for a while. 
  1. Digital promotions – It has been another big hotshot during the lockdown. Many businesses came forward and continued to promote themselves with high spirit. This not just gave their target audience enough reasons to stay connected with them, but also, showcased their positive outlook as well. 
  1. Social media marketing – It may interest you to know, the social media usage ten folded during the lockdown, which made businesses run their marketing aggressively while attaining the best results in their kitty. 
  1. Sharing post-lockdown plans – When the world was keeping a hawk’s eye on the lockdown extension dates and corona impact, there were smart businesses which showcased their post-lockdown plans to glue their customers and target audience with them. And it showed surprising results as well. 
  1. Showing concern – Businesses used different strategies and involved them in their digital marketing approach to convey their concern towards the health of their target audience. It worked more like hitting the pain point and developing a positive reputation in the marketplace. 

Almost every business type uses different marketing strategies and approaches to be in the limelight for their target audience. And that’s what this article highlights. Before you hop on the bandwagon, do look into your business domain as well. 

The bottom line is that – 

When a business’s online reputation and presence goes down, it leaves an impact on the business profit rate. Therefore, no matter an emerging or well-established, every business type is juggling hard to lead the industry. Resulting, ventures involving digital marketing practices to your business progress can prove to be an impactful technique. 

Undoubtedly, people did not avail services or buy products during and after the lockdown but staying active in the digital world had been a major factor to stay intact with the ideal customers. And to sail through it all, digital marketing has been there always. 

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.