How to Know Your iPhone’s Motherboard is Failing And What Can You Do About It?

23rd February 2020

An iPhone’s most crucial component is its motherboard. Every other component of your phone is connected to the motherboard. You can think of it as the phone’s central nervous system. It connects all the organs with one another and makes communication between the brain and other organs possible. Damaging your phone’s motherboard is really serious. Fortunately, the motherboard is tucked away safely inside of your phone. This provides a fair degree of protection to this delicate chip.

Motherboard damage is rare, but it is possible. You can damage your motherboard if:

  • Your phone receives extreme physical damage.
  • Your phone comes into contact with water.
  • And sometimes motherboard damage can occur due to wear and tear over time.

If you do manage to damage your motherboard, your phone is going to cause you all sorts of trouble. The symptoms of motherboard damage vary depending on the extent of the damage. Sometimes, your phone will start acting up in weird ways. And in more extreme cases, your phone might simply refuse to turn on. Motherboard damage can be hard to diagnose, not a lot of people are tech-inclined enough to figure out that their phone’s motherboard might be dying. This is where professional repair labs come into play.

Repair labs excel at figuring out what is wrong with your phone and then fixing that problem. You can google WHERE TO REPAIR IPHONE | PHONE REPAIR SINGAPORE and you will find a host of different repair labs at your disposal. Singapore has loads of great repair labs that you can go to. Just make sure to go to one that specializes in iPhone repairs.

How to Diagnose a Damaged Motherboard?

As an average phone user, you will find it really tricky to diagnose the health of your phone’s motherboard. The only proper way to go about this is to get in touch with a repair lab. Some repair labs offer diagnostic services. They use a combination of tools and software that lets them gauge your device’s performance. These diagnostic services can paint a very accurate picture of your device’s health.

Before you take your phone for a checkup, you should think about why your phone could be acting up. Did you recently drop your phone or damage it in any way? Was your phone exposed to moisture? It is important to keep tabs on what could have happened to our phone before you take it for repairs. Your phone could be acting up because of a recent software update as well.

We would recommend that you search online for help as well. iPhones are popular devices an there are a plethora of iPhone related forums online. Sharing your problems with people online and discussing them can shed light on your phone’s condition. However, these methods do not always bear fruit. If your phone continues to act funny, then you should definitely take it to a repair lab. Their diagnosis will help you figure out exactly what is wrong with your device.

Motherboard Repairs

Now, not everyone can work on motherboards. This is because not everyone has the equipment needed to fix and repair them. A repair lab must have access to micro-soldering tools in order to work on a motherboard. Make sure you go to a lab that has the right kind of tools.

Now, in most cases, your phone will not require a completely new motherboard. Your repair lab will identify the damaged circuitry on your device and then try and fix it. Micro-soldering tools allow technicians to renew any damaged circuitry on a motherboard. They can even be used to take off damaged integrated chips and replace them with new ones. This makes repair work more efficient and cost-effective as well. Customers do not have to pay the full price for a new motherboard. And in some instances, having the option to remove chips from an old motherboard and installing them on a new one can help you salvage any data on an extremely damaged device.

Motherboard repairs can help save precious data and even entire devices. It can also help you renew the performance of an old device. Most older phones begin losing performance because of general wear and tear on their motherboard circuitry. Technicians can get rid of this wear and tear, helping you improve the performance of an older device by quite a bit. Just keep in mind that motherboard repairs do not always guarantee results. Sometimes, a motherboard becomes damaged beyond repair. For instance, if your device was exposed to water, there is a chance that extensive water damage may have completely destroyed your motherboard. In cases like these, the best you can hope for is that your data can be salvaged.

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