How to Get Better at Video Games: 5 Easy Tips

20th March 2022

The average gamer spent around 16 hours per week playing video games last year and the amount of time gamers spend gaming is growing every year. If you’re spending that much time doing something then it can be very frustrating to stop progressing after a certain point or to feel like you can’t play well.

Gaming is a great hobby, but it can begin to feel pointless if you’re constantly getting stuck or losing. If you’re wondering how to get better at video games, we’ve got five helpful tips to improve your play. Keep reading to see what you can do to go from lobby doormat to victory’s gatekeeper.

1. Play Often, and Play A Lot When You Can

This tip applies especially to people with jobs and other responsibilities which choke their gaming time out of their day. Gamers who play a lot will be better than gamers who don’t, but there’s a way to get the benefit of many hours of play even when you have a tight schedule.

Studies show that consistent practice improves skills exponentially. Try playing for half an hour a day every day instead of trying to get eight hours in over a weekend, and your skill level will improve much more than if you just played when you had tons of free time.

2. Record Your Games

We’ve all been able to see the exact moments gamers make crucial mistakes in gaming tournaments, and we know what we would have done instead. We also frequently lose in matches. So how can these things co-exist?

Not only can they co-exist, but these phenomena can be used to make our gameplay better. Watching playback of times you’ve made mistakes or great moves will remind you what to do and what to avoid the next time you play.

3. Watch Masters’ Play

Watching a YouTube video of one of the world’s best players or strategy breakdowns can teach you a lot and help you form better habits while playing video games. Maybe they use a higher sensitivity, maybe they perform actions in a specific order, maybe they use blue light glasses. You can take whatever gives them an edge in-game and apply it to your own playstyle.

4. Use Online Forums

So many gaming tips are available on discussion forums like Reddit and GameMine. Other users know about videos, tips, strategies, and gear that you don’t. Participating in discussions can teach you where to look for gaming tips and expose you to other players.

5. Play With Pros

You don’t like to lose, that’s why you’re here, but having better players with you and opposing you sharpens your skills. Great players often communicate well so your team’s top members will be sharing strategies with you that improve your playing.

How to Get Better At Video Games

Getting better at video games requires thought about new strategies not only in-game but also around your time gaming. Maybe you need to watch and read for a bit, maybe you need to find tougher opponents, or maybe you just need to prioritize consistency over bulk playing time.

Wondering about how to get better at video games brought you to our page. We hope you found our tips insightful and inspiring. Try reading some of our other articles for more gaming and tech tips, or for news about the tech world.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.