How the SEO and Content Marketing Partnership Can Boost Your Business

2nd October 2018

The cornerstones of modern-day businesses are online content marketing and Search Engine Optimization of the business’ website and promotional content on the internet. Without these titans, it is almost like the business does not exist in the digital world and ultimately in the real world as well.

What is SEO and Content Marketing?

SEO involves techniques that accelerate the discovery of a business primarily by mapping keywords entered by potential customers on Search Engines to relevant text on a business website. SEO is instrumental in improved website traffic generation and customer engagement on a business website.

Content Marketing involves a range of activities where optimized and relevant content that is promotional through increased traffic to the business website is used to add more value to the online listing of the business and drives speedy client action.

Role of Digital Marketing Services

Customers need to be aware of a certain business in order to approach it for their needs. The business has to ensure that the right marketing schemes are used to get their customers closer to using their products/services without spending much on advertising campaigns.

Many service providers such as Bear Fox Marketing offer powerful and professional digital marketing solutions to help businesses survive in this competitive world ensuring better returns, scalable growth, and lead generation.

The SEO and Content Marketing Partnership

The most important influencer of powerful marketing is the partnership between SEO and Content Marketing. These two entities are mutually exclusive. Content Marketing is driven by SEO through keywords and the content is developed using SEO keywords, while SEO is strategized and programmed around content marketing through words, phrases, sentences, etc. The absence of SEO would mean trying to hit the bullseye blind-folded and the absence of content marketing would lend no purpose to SEO which would look like mere hogwash.

Factors Influenced by SEO and Content Marketing

Keywords Distribution

Keywords relevance is important on a business webpage for it to route more traffic and hit rates through higher ranking on the SE results page. The right keywords density can do wonders but the heavy embedding of the search keywords can lead to over optimizing and as a result a penalty by companies like Google. A rewarding strategy needs to be devised for an effective Search Engine Marketing to follow suit. Many online tools help in keyword planning, analysis of the most popular competitor’s keyword volume, and the study of the AdWords database for similar industries. The target keywords need to be uniformly distributed in the body and the title sections of a webpage to be substantiated by the marketing content and the SEO technique(s) used.

Quality Content

Quality content ensures business breakthroughs by blending SEO and content marketing. Content that is unique, relevant, engaging, and meaningful is valuable to the business’ online presence. Quality vocabulary, well-structured sentences, interesting information, and problem-solving relevance are some of the lifelines of content marketing based on which a page’s ranking is determined. The right usage of SEO and link building techniques will definitely empower the marketing content with quality. Repetitive and irrelevant content makes the business page lose its charm eventually.

Traffic Improvement

Keywords distribution and link-building are the imperatives of SEO and Content Marketing. Traffic on one’s website that can be drastically improved through internal linking, external linking, on-page optimization, off-page optimization techniques, and linkbacks. You can drive traffic to a promotional partner website that has your business’ relevant information. Through the increased awareness of content marketing and SEO, an improvement in the traffic volume is made possible and the website ranking is automatically improved on SERPs.

Customer Experience

Enhanced metadata and meta tags are important to improve the customers’ experience. Not just engaging content, but technically sound optimization ensure that the page is well received by the search engine. The presence of broken links is undesirable and may lead to poor ranking. Optimized URLs, easy accessibility, substantiated subpages, and optimum categorization and web page structure are vital indicators of your SEO and content marketing campaigns. A good sitemap, indexing mechanism, title tag, page description, and strategic content can lead to better user experiences on your webpage.


A perfect online business promotion recipe will need a good combination of SEO techniques and Content Marketing to cook up a game-changing promotional bid for any contemporary business. The four factors mentioned above are necessary to rule any online marketing campaign and it is possible only if SEO and Content Marketing go hand-in-hand.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.