How Are Key Holding Services Beneficial For A Business

30th October 2019

There are many critical aspects that need careful consideration when running a business and one among them is the security of the premises. Securing the premises should be a top priority, especially when it is closed for the day. There is a major rise in burglary in commercial properties and theft in your property can lead to huge losses which can be detrimental to your business in an already volatile market. Burglars always target the property that is vulnerable and hence it is necessary to tighten the security by removing all vulnerabilities especially if you run a business that has valuable assets. 

There are many forms of security services and various levels too.  Services can be chosen depending on the needs of the business. However, key holding happens to be one such service that most businesses could benefit from. 

What is a key holding service?

Keyholding is a professional service where businesses hand over a set of keys of their premises to a security firm. The keyholder which can be an individual or a security firm then takes charge of the premises by ensuring maximum security. Among various things, a professional key holding service generally takes care of patrolling, prevention of burglary and responds immediately in case the burglar alarm goes off. Hence, it is essential that the keyholding company has reliable and well-trained personnel to respond appropriately when there is a burglary. 

Benefits of a key holding service

Security for a business or even for a home has to be 24/7 and having basic security measures like installing burglar alarms no longer suffice as thieves are becoming more sophisticated and can break into such systems easily. Hiring a key holding service will ensure that the premises, as well as the people working in it, are safe. Listed below are some of the benefits of a key holding service:

Swift response: You may have the usual security personnel on the premises that does the general duty of safeguarding the entire complex. You may be pondering as to why use key holding services for your business when security personnel can safeguard your premises and do the job for you. It is here that you must remember that a key holding service provider will have well-trained and high-quality executives who not only patrol if needed but also ensure prompt and swift response in case of any emergency. They are also available 24/7 all year long and hence there will be no security disruptions. 

Safer for your staff and business: Your security staff may be on duty and can respond to alarms in case of a false alarm but may not be trained to handle genuine calls as that needs years of professional training and expertise to handle the situation. A trained security professional from a key holding service will ensure that proper actions are taken to ensure minimal damage to the business and to people working at the time of the incident. Also, there is a control room service in place in a key holding service that will get alerted in case an intruder alarm goes off. This is a 24/7 service which is on alert all the time and will respond and act immediately.  Keyholding services are more efficient than the employees who are working for you i.e. the 9 to 5 job. 

Safer locks and unlocks: The locking and unlocking of the premises are done either by the business owner or by the staff appointed to do it which can be quite risky. Often burglars and thieves make note of when the location is locked and unlocked and during off-peak hours it can be a huge risk to security. The thieves can use this as an opportunity to harm the staff or rob the property by noting the pattern. When a professional service is enlisted for this task they take the responsibility of locking and unlocking and the business owner can be stress-free because the person is professionally trained.  These professionals also conduct patrols within and outside the building so that the property is completely secure. 

Helps in insurance claims: Many insurance companies have a minor clause mentioned in their policies that they are not liable for payment if the alarm system malfunctions. In such a situation having a key holding service in place will ensure that the security is increased and even if the alarm system does not work the location is under the watchful eyes of well-trained professionals who are alert for any break-ins. 

Follow proper procedures: One of the greatest advantages of hiring a key holding service is that they have the expertise and experience to handle any untoward situation, be it theft, fire or other such situations. A key holder will protect your property against theft by reaching the site after the alarm goes off and will know what to do after assessing the situation. They will follow the right procedures for catching the culprit and also contact the police and other emergency services and also provide a proper report of the crime. 

How does key holding work?

A small business or small property owners will select a trusted member to respond in case of emergencies like intruder alarm going off or in case of fire. It will more often be a manager who will have the access codes and a spare set of keys who will get alerted. This system works in safer neighborhoods and for small companies. For larger companies that are in a busy area, the keys are handed to a professional key holding service who will have access to the premises in case of emergency, monitor, lock and unlock and take care of security. 

Keyholding service is a great way to keep your premises safe as it not only prevents crimes but acts as a deterrent to burglars. The key holding service staff are professionals who are experts in their field of work and thieves do not want to risk facing such people These services can also be used by owners whose property is not occupied or is used for a short time. The staff will keep an eye on the building and drive away any unwanted presence so that your premises are safe for further occupation. 

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