How Horse Racing is Becoming More Interactive

30th January 2014

While the traditional punter has been brought up making their horse racing bets at a betting shop, the growth of online betting and smart phones has seen more and more people using betting apps to place their wagers, with Betfair leading the way. As well as their standing among the online betting community, the Betfair mobile app is as good as there is, allowing users to place and lay their bets from the comfort of their own sofa or from the discomfort of the office bathroom.

The social element of placing bets on horse racing in a bookies isn’t as common as it once was, and the growth of betting apps have seen a large drop in the popularity of betting shops. Above everything else, the odds given on betting apps are overwhelmingly better value than those given by bookmakers on the high street.

Be it an iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Android, Betfair offer their punters the chance to download their Betting App, making placing your horse racing bets easier than it’s ever been. With thousands of markets available, the betting app allows users the chance to take place and lay bets on each and every major sporting event around the globe, as well as take advantage of some welcoming offers for new customers.

For fans of horse racing, being able to bet on races around the world without having to spend all day in the betting shop, allowing the punter the chance to place a wager on a race right up until the last second and take advantage of the guaranteed best odds. With so many horse races going on over the world at any one time, the Betfair app has you covered for the best odds, all the results and the ability to lay your bets throughout the race and make sure they are in control of their betting experience. Well, aside from the final outcome.

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