Home Security Systems Now Coming With Smartphone Apps

8th March 2018

Nest was one of the first companies that announced plans to include an app with all outdoor cameras sold, but it didn’t take long for other companies to jump on board and announce similar plans of their own. The idea is fairly simple. When you setup a camera to protect your home and your family, you download an app to your phone. This app then sends out real time alerts that inform you of any changes you need to know about and any potential security issues. These apps offer some impressive features that many shoppers will like.

Live Footage

These apps come with a live footage option that lets you actually see what happens right in front of the camera at any time of the day or night. With the app, you can open up a live stream and view everything that happens around that camera. Most allow you to click and move your finger to rotate the angle of the camera, which helps you see thieves and potential threats near your home, even if those threats are not directly in front of the lens.

Real Time Alerts

The number one reason why people invest in home security systems today is because they want to protect their homes from different types of threats. With real time alerts, you no longer need to worry about your home or your family members when you’re out of town or at work. When the camera detects something abnormal, it will send an alert through the app that you can view instantly. You can click on a single button to load the camera and see what to do next. Alerts also come through when you need to update your app or make changes to the camera.

Saved Footage

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have time in the day to constantly use the app to monitor your camera. Thanks to saved footage options, you can now view everything that happens outside of your home later in the day. This feature records the live stream and saves it as a video that you can view whenever you want. You can load the video and fast forward to get through the day faster or rewind to view moments more carefully. The app then gives you the option of deleting that footage.

Save and Share

Another nice feature of newer home security apps is that you have the option to save and share videos. When you capture video of someone stealing your child’s bike out of your yard or taking some of your lawn decorations, you can save a copy of that file to share with the local police department. You may want to share that clip online and let your neighbors know about the theft too. Many apps also let you record still images of the theft that you can also share. Some even let you instantly share images and video clips on social media sites.

Home security systems now come with modern features like an app that you can download right to your smartphone, tablet or even computer. That app works with the security camera you mounted outside to help you keep an eye on threats around your home and to record any activity that you want to share.

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