Here’s Why Yammer is Sharepoint’s Lipstick

15th September 2014

In the beginning, Microsoft created Sharepoint 2013. Yammer came along and saw that Sharepoint needed a partner to reveal its inner personality and beauty. The match was made and it was good. This is because even Though SharePoint Server 2013 offers standard enterprise social features, Yammer offers a more genuine enterprise social experience. Yammer is a top-notch enterprise social network that builds bridges between employees, discussions, content, and enterprise data all to one sole location. Yammer enables employees to increase productivity by empowering them to collude in real-time in spite of differences in department, location, branch, and enterprise applications. You can even integrate Yammer functionality to your SharePoint sites by including Yammer on your navigation bar or by utilising Yammer’s app to implant a Yammer feed into a site.

Yammer is available in two different models: Yammer Enterprise and Yammer Basic. Yammer Basic is free of charge and is readily available to all users. It offers an opportunity for employees to collude with colleagues in their company. Yammer Enterprise is a premier model that expands a business’s basic Yammer network. It is provided both as a stand-alone item and with many different SharePoint Online and Office 365 plans. Yammer Enterprise offers more tools and resources to assist organizations design the most efficient possible enterprise social network.

You can select if you want to use Yammer or SharePoint’s social features. If you want to utilise the effectiveness of Yammer with SharePoint, you can select any of the following means.

One way is to add Yammer to the navigation bar on Sharepoint 2013. You can execute this task via a toggle switch to switch your Newsfeed link with a Yammer link in the top navigation bar for SharePoint. This feature is offered in Service Pack 1 (SP1) for SharePoint Server.

You can utilize Yammer newsfeed features instead of Sharepoint.  To understand the full potential of Yammer, it certainly helps to switch the default SharePoint Server 2013 enterprise social features with equal Yammer features. You can take the SharePoint Server social web parts away from My Sites as well as team sites, and you can conceal the user interface controls that offer social functionality.

Try the Yammer app for Sharepoint. The recent Yammer app for SharePoint allows you to integrate Yammer feeds (like a group feed, the home feed, or comment feeds) into on-premises sites effectively making them more attractive and socially engaging.

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