The Growth of International Delivery Over the Past Decade

23rd February 2017

When you look back 10-15 years ago, it’s astonishing to see just how far we’ve come in terms of shipping. Businesses now have a huge range of options available, not just locally, but internationally too. Not only has it become easier to send goods abroad, but it’s also become much more affordable.

Here we’ll look at how the international delivery sector has changed over the past decade and a look forward to what’s in store for future deliveries.

How has the sector grown?

At one time, it was extremely costly to ship goods internationally. Those who could afford it, faced significant delays in getting the goods over to other countries. It wasn’t uncommon for shipping to take 3-4 weeks internationally, something that customers would not be willing to accept these days!

The biggest change has been in sea transportation. This has actually played a large role in globalising the world’s economy. There are now thousands of trade routes available, meaning it doesn’t matter where a company is producing raw materials, they can get them shipped anywhere in the world.

It isn’t just sea transportation that’s improved international deliveries. Parcels can be sent from businesses here in the UK, to far-reaching destinations such as India. Using a company such as Parcel2Go, allows you to find the cheapest possible price to send to far-reaching locations. Couriers have had to expand their reach to meet customer demand. It’s become an important goal for shipping companies to branch out internationally, with few now focusing solely on national and local deliveries.

What does the future hold?

There have already been impressive changes made to the market, so what does the future hold for international deliveries? Amazon has started trialling an impressive drone service, though this will likely only be used for local and national deliveries.

Experts predict any changes to international deliveries are likely to be slow. It will require different couriers to come together and organise a part-shipping deal. There is certainly a demand for international shipping which is continuing to grow year upon year. So, some innovation will likely come about as demand increases.

Overall, international deliveries have come a long way over the past 10-15 years. Technology has made it possible for businesses to ship out products to countries far and wide both quickly and cheaply. This in turn has really helped to boost the world’s economy.  

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.