Getting Your Handmade Crafts Business Ready to Make the Most Of The Holiday Season

1st November 2017

Running a business where you sell homemade crafts and products can be an excellent way to make some income doing something that you enjoy, and also allow you to spend more time at home with your family while still bringing in money, making it a popular choice with moms.

If you have this kind of small business, the holiday season can be a time when you can make a lot more sales than usual, as most crafts tend to lend themselves well to being purchased as gifts. Naturally, you want to get everything prepared so that you can do as much business as possible ahead of Christmas, and get as much out of the period as you can in terms of new, happy customers.

Here are some ways to prepare:

Do You Want to Add Any New Festive Products?

Some businesses specialize in one specific thing, however if yours is broader, for instance you make all different kinds of jewelry, wooden toys, or knitted clothing, then you may want to think about any new things you’d like to make and sell before Christmas that are likely to go down well with the Christmas shopper.

If you would like to expand the range of things you make but are stuck for ideas, there are some great sites like who offer inspiration and tutorials.

Up Production on Your Best Sellers

As well as adding new designs to your range, you may also want to up production on the things that have already proven to be popular. It is best to do this with less Christmas specific items, so you can still sell them after the holidays if you don’t manage to sell out before then. If you are able to produce more volume by working extra hours or perhaps getting someone to help you, then you will be able to take advantage of the extra sales opportunities around this time of year without running out.

With some things that can be made in batches like food products or candles, you can generally up production of it without too much extra work, by simply making bigger batches.

Consider Events As Well As Selling Online

If you usually do most of your selling on sites like Etsy, you may be missing out on some great opportunities during the Christmas shopping period. Look out for local Christmas markets, craft fairs and other events where you could potentially have a stall and sell in person. Many of these kinds of crafts are things people buy when they catch their eye as a gift, rather than things they search for online. This means you can do very well by selling at fairs and markets and attract a lot of people who may not have thought of buying your crafts online.

This time of year can be a busy one for craft business owners and people who make artisan products, however it can be well worth the extra work!

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