How to Get CS GO Skins for Free

24th November 2017

The majority of people strongly believe that we need to dedicate ourselves to be given a reward – that is how we are raised to believe from childhood. However, sometimes you can get a special prize without giant effort – if you need proof, visit and… take what you want!

Be special, be recognizable

The skins in CS GO serve as weapons skins. Thanks to them, guns in the game look unique and we gain prestige among other players. It’s no wonder that most gamers are dreaming of getting the skins – especially the most valuable and well known.

Not all skins are equally valuable: one can say that there is a hierarchy between them. The prettiest of them are rarely found, which in turn adds to their value.

How can you get the skins?

Generally, it is good to be lucky – you may sometimes encounter a box where a skin will be hidden (though it’s difficult to run into rare skins). Those who are wealthy can also simply buy them. However, the price of the most desirable skins is very high.

So, you think the coolest skins are out of your reach? You’re wrong! The Bananatic portal was created to give you a helping hand and make it possible to fulfill your dreams.

Bananatic – a pass to wealth in CS GO

Today there are innumerable websites addressed to gamers – most of them are unfortunately not fair or offer only the same, boring internet games.

The developers of Bananatic decided to do something for the players because they also love video games. They created a fantastic website where you can play the best games (from different categories like MMO, strategy, simulators, etc.) and they decided to pay the players for their efforts and successes!

You can check out the selection of games here:

When we play, we try to do the best we can: we get higher levels, develop our character, and defeat enemies and wild beasts. On Bananatic we get a virtual currency for this, called bananatics.

It’s not just for fun or to improve your position in the rankings – we can buy real things with it! When visiting the Bananatic store, you will notice that bananatics can buy equipment for players, add-ons for various games and… the best skins for CS GO! Pay with the virtual currency, and you can get skins for your weapons.

Home, sweet gamers’ home

Remember that Bananatic is not only a place where you can play cool games and win prizes – you can also find what all players need: explanatory movies, tips and advice, and numerous reviews of various games.

In fact, the Bananatic portal is made up of people with a passion for gaming – and therefore users. If you like to write, you can create a game review and get extra bananatics for it. There are also forums for players where you can meet people who share the same hobby as you and will be happy to talk to you.

With the skin you get thanks to playing Bananatic games, you will finally be able to stand out among your friends. Moreover, when you get your dream skins, you will know that you earned it yourself. You will be proud of your success!

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.