Four Ways Android Can Improve Day-to-Day Business

To succeed in the business world, you must be able to adapt to changing technologies and be willing and able to implement them into your operation – or risk being left behind by those better able to utilize these tools to their advantage. Today’s society is very fast-paced and impatient: your customers demand quick and efficient communication and task completion on your part to accomplish their goals.

Mobile devices have allowed us to work from almost anywhere with a decent signal or connection, but an improper environment supplied with inadequate tools can be just as much harmful as helpful.

Here are some ways a well-tuned Android setup can improve your bottom line and boost productivity.

Wide Range of Devices

Android OS has been made available to gadget manufacturers by Google at very little cost, allowing a wide range of smart phones, tablets and other tools to be produced at relatively low expense and that fill a variety of roles. You won’t find anywhere near the selection of devices from Apple, due to the proprietary and closed nature of their hardware and software. Though choosing the right device can be a chore, sites like Mach Machines have comprehensive reviews to help you make the right choice.

Industries that demand the most from their people and equipment require instruments that can stand up to many months of repeated abuse, and that is just not something you’re going to find in the iPhone line up.

Robust Security

Google’s enterprise software is integrated with powerful security modules to keep your fleet protected from malicious attempts to hijack data or ruin functionality. Policies can be imposed on devices at will and under direction from your security team, eliminating the risk of operator error or negligence causing a hole in your security. Error and threat reporting software can be used to help track down and identify problem devices and apps, saving you time and money.

Tools to Help Manage Your Hardware

The ability to control every setting and software package for your entire organization is yet another benefit to choosing the Android operating system for your workplace. In the past, loading corporate specific applications and parameters to company devices was a complicated and labor-intensive task.

Enterprise Mobility Management systems allow administrators to set up profiles and scripts for the end user to easily apply themselves through the use of a token or code. With Android, you have the ability to completely configure a device for use without the IT department ever having to touch it.

Productivity Tools that Exceed the Competition

You won’t find a larger pool of apps available ready to use on any other platform. A wide range of commercial software can be found through Google’s own store or via third party repositories. Unlike Apple, Google has made Android more open and accessible to facilitate custom apps and tools. Due to Android’s popularity, a vast amount of support and materials are available online regarding the development of software to fit your needs.

The benefits to be gained from working within the Android operating system are numerous and very robust, due to the high level of customization and support to adapt to your needs. If you need complete control of your working environment and superior reliability, you really only have one option.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.