Four of the Best Ways to Advertise on the Internet

10th January 2016

Regardless of what you are selling or promoting, it pays to advertise, and the best place to advertise is on the Internet. The question that needs to be answered is how to best go about advertising on the Internet. There are tried and true ways to do this. The following are four of the most effective methods of getting the results you want.

Banner and display ads on websites and blogs

This is as close to traditional magazine advertising as the Internet gets, and the way to show success is similar to the techniques used for offline publications such as newspapers and magazines. You simply need to find the websites on the Internet that have a readership most likely to be interested in your product. For example, if you sell fishing lures, you need to advertise on sites that are frequented by anglers. Of course, you must also track your results to monitor the effectiveness of both your ad and the readership of a particular website.

Facebook advertisements

Social media is used extensively by people every day, and it is Facebook that is the most popular social media website destination. The company claims they have 1.4 billion users and more than 900 million people using the site each day. These numbers are far too large to ignore. Advertising on this site means getting your product or service in front of many eyes. Like any ad, you want to have a certain targeted group of people reading it. This website allows advertisers to have their ad displayed to a particular group of Facebook users, so your message is read only by potential customers.

Search engine results advertising

Everyone understands the importance of search engines, and they use them every day. There are a variety of advertisement types that are possible with search results, but all of them are used in conjunction with keywords or phrases that relate to your ad. Using the right words, you are able to narrow your target audience to a very specific group of people. In addition, you are only charged for the ad when the Internet user clicks on the link in your advertisement.

Videos and YouTube

The potential for using videos as a form of advertisement is still an untapped area of Internet marketing for many companies. With technology today, it is easy for any business to make a quality video presentation, even a one-person business. Once you have this video, there is more than one possibility of using it to generate sales. If you have a website with a good amount of traffic, you can upload it directly to your web page. You can also place it on YouTube, where everyone can have a chance to view the message. Another possibility is to provide a link to your video in an email marketing campaign.

Much of what is mentioned above is not something you necessarily have to do yourself. There are many good companies that provide online marketing services that can do this work for you.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.