Finding Jobs as a Software Engineer @ Avaya

An Avaya engineer with extensive Avaya experience is fast becoming the most sought after engineer in the industry. With Avaya itself currently servicing over 1 million customer locations worldwide, there has to be someone with the experience to assist with those projects.

There are many different specifications within your role as an Avaya engineer, the best knowledge being within ACSS, this along with Avaya IP Office, and the end to end SIP support with Avaya Communication Manager can make up the perfect engineer at Avaya Jobs UK.

Depending on whether your focus is client side or customer support can make a large difference on salary impact and where you wish your career to progress to. Going client side with all your experience can mean that you can only stay within that area and whilst the opportunity may be there it can also mean that you may only reach a certain level with not much progression in training and ability to learn on the job.

If you decide to work for a reseller of an Avaya product then the possibilities can be endless, if that company is looking to constantly expand its Avaya product line then that can mean endless training on new products and skills you may not pick up in a client side, but also the hands on experience with these new products for a company that is always willing to invest in more rather than a client side company which is simply ‘happy with what they have’ and not looking for the expense of change and adaption to fit both your knowledge and progression in career.

If you are looking to have endless opportunities as an Avaya engineer then mix it up, don’t stay in a client side role just because its comfortable and regret it at a later stage when you are looking to progress, get experience with a reseller or Avaya itself, it will stand out on your CV and make you adaptable to any role in the future.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.