How the Financial Services Industry Can Benefit from Mobile Text Marketing

7th January 2017

Getting the message out to the audience you want to reach has always been a major concern of marketing, especially in the realm of financial services. From banking to investing, you can never be sure if anyone is ever actually ‘seeing’ or ‘hearing’ what you have to say. Mobile text marketing answers that dilemma and so much more. Here are some of the ways in which the financial services industry can benefit from mobile text marketing.

Did You Get your Finance Degree Online?

If you are among the millions of professionals who studied for an advanced degree, and most especially for an advanced degree in finance, chances are you studied for a masters in finance online. The reason this is relevant here is to indicate just how much a part of our everyday lives the Internet has become and if you are in any way active online, you probably own a smartphone and conduct much of your business on mobile technology while staying in touch with friends and family via text messages.

Not only can you say a day doesn’t go by without checking those messages, but it is even accurate to assume an hour doesn’t go by without glancing at your phone. The point is that if you want to reach a large audience knowing that they will at least see your marketing message, text marketing is a sure thing.

The Speed at Which You Can Reach a Massive Audience

While Twitter and Facebook Messaging apps are huge, text marketing is the ‘old man’ of the crowd and just as effective, if not more so. Quick little bursts of activity are much easier for the reader to view and internalize than page after page of information, which they may not even bother to read to the end. If your marketing content is not engaging and informative, you will lose your reader within the first paragraph. Now then, what if that one little paragraph is all you have and you need to fit the totality of what you have to say in a short sentence or two? That’s what text marketing accomplishes and why you can be sure at least the focus of your message will be seen if it is formatted well!

The Subliminal Effect

When it comes to the financial services sector, text marketing can give you access to a much larger audience than online SEO. You quickly formulate what you want to say, what products you are offering with a quick benefit or two, and within moments you can be sure that message reached thousands upon thousands of smartphones – depending of course on how big your text marketing contact list is.

However, the point is clear. In marketing to today’s consumer, too much is simply too much. Keep those texts short, sweet and to the point with a benefit or two highlighted and you’ll grab their attention. If nothing more you will get your brand implanted in their subconscious so when they hear your name again it will ring a bell. That’s the final benefit of text marketing, the subliminal effect. Master that and you will be a winner every time.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.