What Exactly Is Bespoke Software Development?

As the world of software development has grown over the past several years, companies are finding themselves increasingly more in need of highly specialized pieces of software to carry out their unique business requirements. This type of software is molded based on the company’s values, vision and mission directly; it is entirely custom created. This type of creation is known as bespoke software development.

Creating content that is tailor-made for a client has become a common practice in recent years, as more and more brands are demanding increased ease-of-use and a modernized look for their customer-facing applications. Bespoke software is highly adaptable, meaning it can evolve alongside your company as changes are made and growth is achieved. Many companies even end up having bespoke software created for use in one section of their company, only to have it expanded to handle multiple different systems and departments down the road. This sort of expandability is part of the reason why many companies are turning to bespoke software development in 2016.

You might be asking yourself, why not simply purchase products off the shelf that have similar functionalities? The simple truth of the matter is, while there is likely a software solution that is available commercially that will cover your basic needs, it will almost always require your company to adapt to the software being used. Instead of trying to stretch yourself around the software, bespoke software development allows you to do the exact opposite; model the software itself after your business practices, procedures and cultures, allowing you to have a truly streamlined and efficient workflow.

The world of bespoke software development is a wide one, and an ever-changing one at that. As time goes on, expect to see more and more companies choosing to go this route to enhance their businesses and prepare themselves for the future.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.