Customise Your Smartphone With Unique Skins

25th February 2015

The iPhone 6 is an incredible device, but it’s vulnerable to all sorts of external wear and tear. If you’ve ever dropped your phone on the pavement, accidentally spilled a glass of water over it or left it overnight in inclement weather, you know that there are problems that a packed container of rice can’t fix. Sure, you could shell out for an ugly black case that claims that it will protect your screen from cracking but that’s not likely going to work. What if you could find protection that actually enhanced your phone’s natural shape and feel without weighing it down? Regular retailers only seem to offer the same boring plastic cases and novelty shops have even more ridiculous options. If you’re looking for smartphone protection that will keep your phone in mint condition and isn’t shaped like a hamburger, consider purchasing a smartphone skin made from high-tech 3M vinyl.

Smartphone skins provide some of the toughest protection around. While hard falls and liquid spills can spell death for any device, your phone’s delicate touch screen is also vulnerable to dust, finger oils and accumulated grime from your pockets and purses. In the winter months, your phone can even freeze thanks to the sub zero temperatures and this dramatic change in weather can impact its functionality. Smartphone skins have been specifically engineered to fit your phone to the millimeter. They’re durable, easy to slip on and off and can be removed without leaving any nasty residue behind. Instead of carrying around a frozen heavy brick in your pocket, you will enjoy the lightweight feel of your device without having to worry about its safety. Best of all, the range of styles available from reputable online retailers mean that your brand new iPhone can still remain a conversation piece.

How would you describe your personal style? Would you consider yourself a tech geek, hipster or sleek business professional? For every personality, there’s a matching smartphone sticker to go along with it. The online retailer dbrand has been in the vinyl skin business for years and offers a variety of options for each generation of the iPhone. When you buy an iPhone decal online from dbrand, you can choose from styles that include red carbon fiber, silver and gold titanium, faux mahogany wood panelling and so much more. The skins are created so that your phone can have a breathable barrier to protect it from the elements without covering up the camera or the microphone. This creates airtight protection so no dust, grime or associated debris can ever creep in and destroy your phone’s funtionality.

Owning a flashy case that also offers necessary protection is the definition of having your cake and eating it too. Since smartphone stickers are still an emerging trend, you’ll be ahead of the curve. When all your friends flash their phones at your next brunch, yours can be the flashy accessory everyone is talking about. This Valentine’s Day, give your smartphone some love with a brand new decal.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.